CZ'S Answer: Fork Steem Again

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CZ, the patriarch of Binance, put out his answer to those who had their funds moved from their accounts during the last hard fork on Steem.

His solution: Fork it again.

In this video I discuss the prospects of that idea and how forking can be both positive and negative.

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I kinda agree with him...

I mean, stealing is definitively bad, but we already forked (Hive) and our 'consensus' rules agreed that steemit/Js & centralization supporters had all their funds moved into the DAO.

They're now making their move (BIG grey area there, as it is not the same forking a existing chain and decide their new distribution rather than freezing purchased stake & confiscate it).

This whole situation is a big mess and I'm starting to worry that we're also risking our own exchange listings.

What do you think??

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It could be. Behaving in this manner could turn exchanges off.

Exchanges are self serving so there needs to be a reason for them to carry HIVE. The need to keep developing, building, and expanding.

A lot of this is either just a distraction or has the potential to take it all off the rails.

We will see how it all unfolds.

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No investor will touch steem from now on. Unfortunately the same applies for hive.

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You could be right although investors tend to just pump up prices.

The key is will any developers touch the different chains.

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They won't. Dao funding favors existing developments and dev friends. Look at hive proposals and who's voting and deciding and who gets support.
It's too obvious yet no one want to talk about that. Because the same guys own the bots and voting trails.
They said it's not censorship which I agree, but people are scared to speak up.

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