Hive's "Vision" & Usecase - Let's Talk About It

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This Is My Journey - My Content Is Not Financial Advice.

Why do you invest in ethereum? Ethereum the token, it's actual use is for gas on the platform. It can also be used as collateral for defi but that is something brand new and wasn't the reason it shot to 1400 the first time.

Defi craze what was the use case of most of the tokens? Governance.
Hive has that too.

If you're trying to compare why coins pump with their use case, you'll find that "gas" and governance is literally the only use cases of these tokens. Do people want to be on your blockchain bad enough to pay a small fee or hoard tokens? Bitcoin is the same, you're buying space on the chain.

What is Ethereums roadmap?
Well, they don't have one. Well, not in the "vision" department at least. Their roadmaps are purely technical. They don't care what you do with the technology they just tell you what tech they built.

Having a vision roadmap only happens in centralized chains. If I recall, Bitcoin had the vision to be peer 2 peer cash, but now its digital gold. You can't force a vision onto anyone, not even Satoshi.

So I believe we should focus on promoting what we are building and let the market decide what they want to use it for. Have a Hive technical roadmap if anything.

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"It's not Hive's roadmap that matters, it's your roadmap that matters."

The tools are right here on Hive, it's now up to people to build their own profitable projects on top our network.

LeoFinance is one success story that continues to derive their own value from being built on top of Hive.

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The successful dapps will carry us forward. Successful dapps attract entrepreneurs. And one day one of them is going to be awesome at marketing. I'm not afraid about users coming.

I'm currently buying hive on huobi at 10 cents! I can't believe the discount, just because withdrawals are blocked. But I don't complain...

Also building my first hive project soon and have plans for more later. Let's go.

One thing I disagree with you about is scalability. The less we scale, the more scarce RCs are. Honestly I don't mind scarce RCs and the price shooting up, at least for a while ;)

Then scale.

I fully agree with you: Scalability is very important. No scale then we cannot onboard a lot of new users brought to HIVE in whatever way. I would like businesses to come to HIVE, to start with crypto news sites, using HIVE to tokenise the comments on their news articles. This could bring in a second a lot more users and therefore usage. HIVE chain shall allow to handle this, at all times.

Another important topic is network stablility. Next hardforks shall go much more smootgh. Business set requirements; The service should run all the time without delays, blocks, stops, errors. Not sure what can be done here, but the devs of the HIVE chain and the dApp owners shall have enough focus on this, in preparation of a HF, enough time in testnet before the HF is planned.

Regarding onboarding businesses: I not agree with you we just explain what we can do with HIVE. We are explaining this through social media, and in person a long time. I believe crypto is in many ways still in the bottom of the hockley stick, innovation for inovators at most, maybe HIVE didnt even cross the chasm in the hockeystick model. So we not only have to explain what others can do with HIVE, but we need to actively approach business with a team of professionals, to give businesses use cases, to help them to define the best implementation of a use case, to develop integrations when requested by such business, and to push through feature enhancement to whatever layer at HIVE to allow the specific needs for the use case some business likes to see implemented. I do hope others in our community think the same way, from business people to dev. When so, lets connect and get this thing started.

It's easy for us who are here for social to forget but I suppose the witnesses and developers are (similar to steemit inc. was) focused on drawing in developers more than bloggers and content creators. Personally, I'm itching for more pushes towards social/content user growth cause that's my niche. I'm not too worried about price but at least I want to see our user base grow steadily (at whatever pace). I'm doing what I can with Cross Culture community, a new Youtube comment outreach project and discord parties that introduce IRL friends to Hive friends but I wish I had more allies in high places....powering up as much as I can.

Do you think that in a few years we will even be using Hive for social/content or will that all be second layer? How far are we from being able to scale 1 million, 10 million, 100 million daily users?

Feel free to answer anybody.

I believe there is sometimes too much a concentration on the token price and less on its value. I, like you, am here for the content. It is encouraging to hear others talk about what value that can bring. @nonameslefttouse views very much align with how I see the value Of Hive and what we should be focusing on. The blockchain world is becoming quite crowded and I believe finding a niche will be best for Hive and that for me is a content discovery and support network for creators and consumers.
I think the second layer can make that happen but it does seem that interest has been lost in some of the tribes due to lack of development. I had high hopes for Cretivecoin but that seems to have stalled development. Leo seems to be showing a great way forward, I just wish that other communities would follow their lead.

Psst! You spelled my name wrong.

Sorry about that, I'm Diaslictic [sic]

Shit happens.

You guys are great at TALKING, maybe you should actually DO something.

Consider it.

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I'm more than considering; Just send you a p2p chat at Discord (hopefully to the right user).

So I believe we should focus on promoting what we are building and let the market decide what they want to use it for. Have a Hive technical roadmap if anything.

Indeed, we have launched our Twitter countdown livestream for our HiveChat on Nov.3 (US election day). We are inviting to tweet and get some free hive tips, let's make #HiveFixesThis on trending.

Sure, let us work together. Anything we can leverage for promoting censorship resistant blockchain Hive, I am all-in

Let's get to it then. What's your plan of action?

I wonder if the SMT would have been released on HIVE where we would have been at the moment. I think that we are now in a stability point, we have set the ground floor for a stable infrastructure and we should move to the business layers. We need to reach those layers that provide income outside the ecosystem as from within I think we are maxed out.

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Would of, could of, should of.

It is in the past, so we can't change it. We need to focus upon what we are doing today and going forward. Each of us has a part in this.

The blockchain here is very solid, so we need to work from that point. There are a lot of things already being built which do need to be pushed out there.

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We're currently at ground zero and I don't think we'd sink further, like you said there are some things we can't focus on and there are some we can, currently marketing hive and making it attractive is the priority then we can let the market decide other things. Let's carefully do the things we can and this means it's about time we begin

Thanks for the pep talk - good for life and Hive!

What gives value in these conditions? Network effect! Governance? Yes but there needs to be an underlying network to be governed, the more robust the network the more valuable the token. Price is completely irrelevant at the moment, it will go down even more if BTC will go up and it doesn't reflect anything about the network. Give up these habits from traditional markets.

The problem with Hive is the fact this technology is so revolutionary, nobody knows how to refer to this. Jaron Lanier speaks about mids, the entities that allow grouping people and allowing them to extract value from their own data. But this is just foggy close to the Hive idea. Decentralized social media? Hive started to but much more than that. If Hive it's supposed to but a successful economy on its own, it needs a much more robust network effect to occur.

It's too much praising the Hive for what it possibly can be, I'd love to see more ideas aiming to understand and market the whole thing before someone else will do the same thing.

HIVE is a new and better version of Patreon.
It is beneficial for the supported and the supporters.

I think people forget that the first time steem took a nose dive it did a pretty nice recovery climb before dying a second death. Now is the time to be active. I enjoyed your little talk thanks for your view and outlook.

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Thank you so much.

Use case's can be found in the daily headlines of the news. You mentioned Apple App store, they have been in the news a lot. People just need to start using their imagination, and coming up with simple fixes. Youtube got ticked at a video download app, and is pressuring it to be removed from app stores everywhere.

There is no reason someone can not build a file server, set up a Hive payment system, and avoid all government or conglomerate interference. Buy the app get a hive key to open it with your hive payment via an encrypted wallet message.

But when will someone do this? Its a costly business to setup and operate. HIVE still needs development before it can eg be offered as a payment system, and payment providers and PoS suppliers will be interested to integrate HIVE into their eco system.

I don't know, I am not a business man. People keep talking about use case, seems to me it could be one. I am not a programmer, right now HIVE is used as a payment option on several games on HIVE, so it works as a payment tool.

That was just one example from the news headlines I have seen. A lot of people like to down load videos from youtube, google keeps trying to stop it. people keep looking for ways around it.

your passion podcasts are my fav

Bro jist partner with @hellotelos and the telos BPs like @dapperd douglas horn

He already captured @appics to telos lol

go talk to them and lets have a strategic parynership between hive and telos THE SAME WAY STEEMIT AND TRON had theirs

We can show the world what COULD have been ....

Better do it before in 2 days resets tokens and starts probably paying us more eos than hive reward pool could ever hope to offer

Dont worry tho, by the time it takes to undelegate and powerdown , we could have already signed up to voice and made 10 grand lol

Good to see you active again.

I dont agree with the prevailing sentiment in the comments but whatever... :)

If you do buy, use Huobi exchange were Hive is cheapest now.

I think of erc-20 and defi altogether as just a study group, not really something I am studying either. They are engaged in a very diluted theory of monetary policy but have basically made Microsoft Points that you have to pay to use?

A technical token isn't even a new thing, casinos have done this for years trying to game the system for profits beyond what is gambled away in them.

The reason these centrality bankers don't like BTC, ETH, Hive or Zcash is because they don't really have a good use case for "money" as a service, because money is utility when its on a blockchain.

Another advantage of Ethereum is that you can create cryptocurrencies on its platform.
Solidarity for the less blockchain experts

Pretty decent philosophy. Good listen. I won't be going anywhere. Nothing beats not being algorithm banned or fed propaganda constantly. HIVE is online freedom.

I left you a comment on your previous post regarding marketing. Are you still looking for skilled people? Still open.

Hive has real use-cases. I have spent a fair bit of mine. I also build my stake so I can help others. I still see huge potential despite the low price. We are still tiny and cannot expect 'moon' without growing a lot. It is also fun for me as I find most people to be interesting as well as enthusiastic. It is fascinating that the price is not the main topic of conversation. We get on with making cool stuff.

Stay well!

Great post! This week I added a new user to HIVE. We can do the marketing by ourselves… already 6 of my friends (real life friends) have followed me and signed up for HIVE.

Yes Vitalik has released a technical roadmap.

Hive could use the same.

‘I see people bitching, but they are bitching ON Hive! There’s value there!’ That was my favorite quote from the whole video, lol! It’s true. People do bitch allot about this and that, but they are still doing it in the platform! I love it. Crypto is full of a bunch of A.D.D boys that needs to learn how to slow the hell down and take life one step at a time. I have seen that while building @hivelist. It’s like if you don’t come out with some kind of daily post or build something new every week, then oh the project is dead... lol... I’m like chill people. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

In an age with deepfakes + fake news, there will be always a place for are "no censorship, no manipulate social /media".

If Views on the Hive Blockchain would bring in some $$$ the price would be very different.

It's easier if Hive would be at some point a government Token + RC-gas station and SMTs or Hive Engine Token bring in the revenue and demand for Hive.

Like the Leo token works.

AT the moment the Hive front End eats the views without ad revenue and cannibalize the views from Hive engine places for example.

Would be very different with a "peaked token/hive blog token" and so on.

Sure there are other use cases, but that would bring in overall more demand for Hive token like Eth.

Crypto's usecase is a money that can be uncensored. The users of crypto aren't employees or officers of corporations, and the cryptocurrencies aren't businesses.

Hive isn't a business, it's a society that can enable businesses to use cryptocurrency to undertake commerce when fiat is hoarded by banksters, and payment processors are preventing commerce from being undertaken through censorship, as we have seen Visa and etc. do to their customers. All cryptos have that use case, but Hive, 3Speak, Peakd, Ecency and etc. offer more: actual speech uncensored, which other cryptos have not managed to better provide than Hive.

2020 is becoming fulfillment of the prophecies of conspiracy theorists like Satoshi Nakamoto that claimed banksters were defrauding their customers in the money businesses.

It's true that Hive can enable government, if the people comprising the Hive society, it's users, decide to do that with it. Until that happens, governance isn't a use case. People don't buy Hive so they can have the opportunity to vote for witnesses, which would be the situation were governance it's use case. An HOA could use Hive to fund the roadside gardens of their neighborhood if they chose to, in which case governance would be the actual use case they came to Hive for.

Hive wouldn't be the government of the HOA. New York City isn't a government. It's a society and infrastructure which the municipal government of New York City governs, just like the businesses of New York City aren't the city, neither vice versa, but do business there just like 3Speak does on Hive. New York City wouldn't continue to exist without it's businesses (as we see it's tax base doing today), and Hive cannot continue to exist without it's use case providing businesses, but Hive is not those businesses, nor any government which it's users may undertake for any other society than the Hive community itself.

Censorship resistance is a use case for Hive, and increases in value daily as social media ever more censors their users. But that use case depends on the servers and internet people must be able to use remaining available to them to produce blocks and read and write blogs, post and watch videos, and etc. We've seen Cloudflare, ISPs, Domain Registrars, and backbone providers cut websites off just like we've seen payment processors cut off sites and movements.

Hive needs to be robust enough to prevent being censored in those ways, or it's tokens and businesses will not have use cases. Give that thought please.

It's a good idea to understand these different things going forward. It's easy to get confused with a new technology, as you pointed out BTC misunderstood it's use case. There is a reason BTC didn't become delivery pizza money, and that is how miners responded to halvenings in order to keep their mining investments profitable. If they hadn't made fees so exorbitant that it is almost impossible to transact in BTC the currency would have no longer functioned, because mining would no longer happen.

That's why HODLers kept hodling even though the transaction costs mooned more than token value. Shovel sales were a better business than gold mining during the gold rushes too.

Absent a market for censorship resistant speech, the society that uses Hive will no longer have a use case.

3Speak, Peakd, and Ecency are as essential to Hive's success as general stores were to the gold rushes, and miners are to BTC.

Much success to you in sorting use cases from business prospects and governments in this new paradigm. Thanks for your inspirational leadership!

This is just what I needed to hear. Cheers, Cthulhu!
Nice to hear you voice your opinion on this matter.

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I also don't want to come to the waterfall with a bucket.
What a great analogy

For years Steem has been battling against those top coins :

Etherium and EOS - Smart contracts vs Steem/s SMT

Only to realize there's no need to for us to compete with them. We can make our own brand and the technology we want!

  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

In a free market, its not enough to deliver the tech and let the market decide what to do with it. The tech shall be brought to existing projects and businesses, and maybe even integrations with their existing tech shall be provided. Crypto is in a stage of market making, ie the supply is there, but the demand is not, or very limited. Added to that, too many chains around for any company to make a good choice what to use, so they go with the biggest brands, or with those chains dealt with by blockchain service/consulting companies. Take Stratis for instance; Their team sells Stratis chain into crypto and fiat based businesses. Accenture, Deloitte and other use private chains and some of the public chains in their advises and offerings. But not HIVE. What will it do to HIVE when Accenture would adopt HIVE as a chain for eg the next generation CRM solutions? Or offer HIVE as Blockchain as a Service running on eg AWS or Azure?

Consider AMD and Intel today. For decades Intel commanded the CPU industry, and yet today AMD outperforms it's products at all price points. How did that happen?

AMD made an exceptional engineer CEO, and Intel made a CFO CEO. What happened was Intel's quarterlies looked great as long as they could be massaged, but when AMD ate their lunch in the processor market because their CEO Lisa Su drove AMD to produce the best CPUs on the market, those quarterlies didn't look so good.

IMG source - /g/ Where Conspiracies go to Compile

Steve Jobs of Apple pointed out that the way Apple turned around was by giving thought to how they could create compelling benefits for the market, not by trying to market great tech to the market, but by making that tech produce great benefits, which market themselves.

Hive is great tech. We don't need to market Hive. We need to make great content using that great tech the creators greatly benefit from making, and the market won't be able to be dragged away with wild horses.

Big Tech is harshly treating it's content creators today. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are deleting accounts and banning their users. Why aren't they coming here?

Marketing won't bring them here. Censorship resistance and nominal monetization will. We have censorship resistance, at least more than competing social media, so what's lacking is monetization. Marketing won't create that.

Create that, and content creators will come.

I have so many examples that shows quite the oposite. Great tech down the drain, because it was not market well enough. VHS versus Betamax. Intel versus Mac. DAT never made it really, but was by far superior to any other recording medium at that time, because again, not marketed well. Need I say more? To win is: Great tech addresssing the needs, and all the normal business activiteies in bringing the techn to the market, and help the potential customers to use it, and when needed, run projects to get the tech integrated to the cusomters tech.

If that great tech didn't produce great benefits, then no amount of marketing would create commerce.

Tech isn't product. It's a means of creating awesome product. Marketing is just letting people know there is a wonderful new kind of product, in the end. The product, not the tech, is what is marketable.

Also, skullduggery by clever marketers impacts markets, as it did in the VHS/Beta market. I once competed with Michael Dell for networking contracts with the State of Texas, and he kicked my ass.

I wouldn't bribe anyone, or use any of the other means of ingratiating purchasing managers for state agencies. I'm not accusing Dell of corruption, but that's what I think happened. These things matter a lot in certain markets. I'm not competitive in those markets, and it doesn't matter what tech or products I'm moving.

If content creators can't make money on Hive, they're going where they can make money. That's why so many dissidents are still on Youtube, even self-censoring to cling to that platform.

We seem to be from two different worlds :) Agree to disagree.