A new Scam?

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Hello viewers,

Before I begin, I realise that most people won't fall for this but I know for a fact some may, so I feel like I need to get this out there.

If there's 2 things I really hate in this world it's:

  1. Bullies and 2. Scammers.

I hate scammers, they are the lowest of the low. Cold hearted lumps of flesh that leech off the worldwide community. Parisites that live probably a better life than the majority of us. Posing with flashy cars or trips such as white water rafting on facebook. Pretending that they earned it when in fact everything they own is from other peoples hardwork. Scum, pure scum.

Anyway I recieved an "offer" on Discord not long ago stating that I'd been randomly picked as a "winner". The message said I needed to log onto coinroz.com and enter a code in to recieve 0.68 Bitcoin.


Now stop there for a minute. Anyone who's new to the blockchain and crypto currency might not realise what or how much that is. So lets find out shall we?
That's right, supposingly if I followed the link and did what they asked I'd get over $10,000.

Alarm bells! 🛎

So instead of clicking their fake link like this one I just made win 0.68 BTC NOW! I decided to visit coinroz.com through Google search and see for myself.

This website seems to be legit. Just another trading website.

Nowhere on that site is there a "codes" menu so that was a load of tosh.
Customer support took a while to find. But when I did find it, I had to sign in along with a CAPTCHA at the bottom. (This is usually a positive sign)
I was tempted to send them the details of the scam but couldn't be bothered to make a throw away account. It would only mean more spam emails...

Remember, I didn't actually click on the link in the message and niether should you.

If you see a message like this on Discord IGNORE IT.

But feel free to send them a message before deleting.

Thank you for reading

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Like that piss off message :))

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I had to change it feom the original so as not to get flagged 😅

Suprisingly there are some folks are still being tricked on that campaign. Aside from discord, they are also spreading this fake shenanigans in Facebook groups.

Got tired of reporting it and blocking each one of their accounts.

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They use a software which generates new accounts/emails or numbers so if you block one, they simple generate another. However if you report it then at least there's a chance they can block the "link" between you and the scammer/spam.

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