Earn free crypto and other prizes from Blockfolio!!!!

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Looks like Blockfolio is about to launch a new exchange or something and runs a referral promo giving out crypto and shit. To participate please use my referral : https://blockfolio.com/trading?r=K44ybzlvvJ

Then, just insert an email and verify the email you will receive after a minute or so. And that's it! Also don't forget to spam your friends and family with your ref to increase your chances of winning! Remember, the more you spam them, the more they will hate you! Win win.

So here's my ref again: https://blockfolio.com/trading?r=K44ybzlvvJ


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FTX / Project Serum are good projects, hope they can make folio interesting again after they bought it. For now I'll stay with Delta however 😊

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You should be called Mungo trump because you discover places that brings the maaannnnneeeyyyy

Thank you senior boy 😍

Respect to the Zeus of Leo 🚴😅

Τώρα που το σκέφτομαι έχω πολλούς που μισώ. Hahhahahaaaaaaaa

Well, I just used your referral ! I hope you get rich from it xD

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thanks friend!