Finally! A Good Hive Casino! (HiveSlotGames)

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Now, I am not much of a gambler, but I occasionally do indulge in a bit of gambling. Usually it's just small amounts, nothing to do a dent on my budget. And I never have any delusions of becoming rich. I just start with a fixed amount to play and have fun until I lose everything. Just pure entertainment.. and in the off chance I make it big I just stop and leave :)

Anyways. I always thought it was a pity steem (and then hive) never had a proper gambling platform, other than simple games like dice. At least not to my knowledge..

But I recently discover HiveSlotGames and I must say I was quite impressed. Dice, blackjack, roulette, slots. They have pretty much everything you'd expect, including my all time favourite, Jacks or Better :) Also, the site is really good looking, smooth and works flawlessly!

So, if you ever are in the mood for some gambling, HiveSlotGames is definitely worth a consideration. Just remember to use my referral link, HA!

And don't forget kids. Gambling bad!

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Perfect. Now I can spend all my money on losing all my money.


Just a heads up to anyone playing on that site that their provably fair system leaves the possibility of roll manipulation due to the way it calculates outcome via a perpetually moving client and server seed.

I'm not saying they are cheating by any means, however the possibility does exist that if they wanted to they could manipulate the outcomes of your bets and you'd have very little chance of detecting it.

Thanks for the post. Saw it on reddit. gonna try a few games

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Thanks for using my ref :D Good luck!

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Spend it on prostitutes instead of gambling. Solid advice I got from my pastor.

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Sometimes I cannot decide what to do with my Hive 😅 Great news for those who likes such gambles. If I were as lucky as them, I would consider playing 😌😌

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Tried it. At the beginning I even won some HIVE. Sadly, greed overtook me and I lost all my winnings.

Nice casino, though.

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Tried it. At the beginning I even won some HIVE. Sadly, greed overtook me and I lost all my winnings.

Happens to everyone XD

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I have never been lucky in the game 😁

I won some HIVEs following the Twitter account, I played and I won some but in the end I lost ... but I enjoyed it 😁

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Something other than @klye’s thing?

is that klyes? I don't know who's behind this platform, but I have used it a couple of times and me like it!

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I think his is HiveRoller. Something different.

I keep hearing it but never tried! Ill check it tomorrow :*

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I have some bad experience with casinos hence I will pass this, but I guess having a casino on Hive will only benefit the blockchain.

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I'm not much into dice or roulette games, but I've Only come across it once on steem maybe hive too. So many options to gamble with.

Είσαι και εσύ τζογαδόρος ε???

Maybe a sign that somebody is willing to attract consumers instead of creators...

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Tried it and won big, just kidding, no win but I really did try it, it has a nice polish.

First found it now mate? :D

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Damn bro! They were also on steem :D

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Didn't know :D

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 30 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

This definitely peaks my interest!! I love slot machines and was hoping to find one here.