wHIVE is now on uniswap!

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Wow, that was fast.

Dunno how this will play for the long term price and stability now that "hive" is gonna be on eth exchanges. One thing is for sure though. Some dumb money will start flowing!

It already has, lol


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$88 in transaction fees to load 300 wHive liquidity


  ·  5 months ago (edited)

That's only for creation of the pool (since you need to deploy a new contract), adding liquidity later is ~$5.

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The "Lol" got me.

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It is pretty cool. :)

Well I don't know what Whive is and I've never used uniswap. I assume it's like blocktrades, changelly, and shapeshifter? It's to easy to get too far behind if you just look away from the crypto space for even a minute.

That is cool that the person who sold the first ones is willing to refund whoever bought the first Whive if it was a mistake. That's a solid human.

Its essentially a pegged to hive, eth token so that we get listed in exchanges for eth tokens. Hopefully it will help with price and bring more attention to us :)

Ohh nice. Ok I get it. It's like how bitshares pegs other coins to it's platform.. and it can be available on places like etherdelta ( if it still exists) and etc..

Thanks for the info, you are appreciated!


Guess the accumulation phase is over.

Moon soon. Or not.

Pump for ants, maybe.

Ants are cool. I used to dig their holes as a kid to find their queen and eggs.

Hopefully stability will come about when people gain a clue as to what theyre doing over there...

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to my understanding, uniswap is pure speculation and gambling. I think people know that already haha

Exciting times are ahead for our Hive

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Oh yeah!

Let it rain with wHIVE and may we rise along with our communities. Great move and well expected for, such initiatives just push us all forwards.

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well done everyone who got this sorted, amazing stuff, now to get into more DE-FI. Will their be liquidity pools for HIVE on uniswap? Happy to dump some wHIVE on and make some returns :P

I believe @fbslo deserves all the credit. Go jerk him some!

lol not a mistake! It’s worth that much !! Should be


I still don’t have any whives never married


Wow - this is cool
HIVE is much more exciting than Steem was
HIVE has this new Vibe and lots of momentum.

yes, yes it does. Hopefully market price will catch up. Or not.