BUYING MOAR LEO, and Previewing a new/old/retread series!

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OK, my earlier post about troubles with cancelling DELI (my word for DELEGATION) was successful, and I corralled more HIVE, some STEEM, started a STEEM P/D and bought MOAR LEO!!!

You might say I'm "Piggish on LEO!" 🤣

So the deli return is on it's way, I will do a new P/D on HIVE and then start sending my Steem over. The UNDY Steem account will be history. I will be leaving it in an unusable state, ZERO (0) SP... which they do not recommend doing. I have at least 4 weeks to change my mind, but I see no good reason to use both. I'm even making Hive a "moot point" but gonna keep the Hive account active. Maybe just 25 HP or so. I'll have 14 weeks to decide that. Just got a P/D today, then in 5 days I can re-boot the P/D.

As Warren Buffett famously said, [paraphrased]


So I am doing just that. Kinda-Sorta. I am highly diversified in crypto, but it's all off-platform. There are so FEW good A1 investments on Hive, and I have been in most of them. You have:

  2. LEO
  3. ???
    Maybe some derivatives of the top two. I even made very good money on wLEO, but that was in the SPEW POOL, on Spinvest. Lotsa luck there, but we KILLED IT! Made 31% after we offset the ETH losses incurred by SPEW, which was only right, and this was the week it got hacked. CRAZY!!! 🤪🤪🤪

My "preview" is that I am going to review the articles I wrote on Steem that I called
MICRO-STACKING which included Micro-Prepping. These are the things that anyone can do, even on a tight budget!


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Looking forward to those posts ... as you know I have a TIGHT budget. Not to say, almost ZERO budget. Curious to find out if even then it's possible!

Very Nice!!




Depending on how much you will have available to spend, a worthy investment is dCity as you can buy a whole heap of random cards, build your city, make SIM daily and HIVE rewards, then you still have all the dCity NFT's sitting there to sell whenever and the ROI is always solid.

Even with the lower HIVE price my investment is double what I put in, then when back at about 24 cents USD HIVE price, it is about 4.4x what I put in, with value of all my NFT's.

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Don't really have time for games...

I don't see the Hive prices going up much at all, the trend is


Hope you make out, however!

It's not that time consuming really. Mostly the initial city setup through buying the cards and getting it to what you want, then just leave it and gain passive income each day. Anytime you add more, only takes a short time to do so.

HIVE is currently looking to head back up and seems to have started breaking away from the bottom it reached this time.

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I really hope so, Strong HIVE is still good for me too.
But it seems like the longer term trend is down.