🚬🚬🚬 LEO is SMOKIN'!!! 🚬🚬🚬

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I have been converting HIVE at a lagging rate, as I am running out of it! lol
I have been considering moving some funds INTO the 'hive ecosystem' for the first time in years. That's not blind optimism, I really see a lot of potential in LEO that is almost absent in the rest of the chain.

The "wrapping" is great for token visibility, but onboarding should be highlighted too. There was (still is, afaik...) a tipping proposal put forward by @jackmiller and my good friend @enginewitty, among others, which would fund Hive tipping on other social media platforms. It did not seem to be getting much love. It would be funded by the repurposed "ninja-mined" stake that was the sore spot with the old Steem chain. Sounds great! Put it to Good Use! But some of our "whales" and some "witnesses" are seemingly content with the Status Quo. I have it on good authority, and independent observer verification, that Hive is in big trouble. Who wants "nickel Hive"?? NOT ME!!! I am also nearly out of Hive anyway. I just hope that LEO has more planned than just wLEO,

oops! I just saw a new option!

LBI Tokens, think like "SPI"!!

The cool thing is that I was top HODL for basically the first year of SPI and took a strategic exit. Bought GOLD. The fund kept right on chugging! I took some residual Hive-based stuff and rolled it all into LEO. Hive has been 💩 and LEO has been 🥇 for quite a while now. I got into LEO at very low prices, made a little and sold some for other projects. Always kept some here and there but then decided to really start stacking them. If I am reading the user interface correctly, I'm over 10k LEO right now. The UP-SHOT of all this is that I will be doing LBI. Leo-Backed Investments. The wildly successful "SPI Model" is a great 'feedback loop' even with Hive, and LEO should really be a Grand Slam. I always made way more with SPI than with Hive curation, to be honest.


I can see much more of ☝This and That👆 in my future! But unlike my SPInvest, I won't be selling OUT Entirely. I did it because my gut feeling about Hive was really horrible. Now, here we are. Gut-check CORRECT. But SPI is SOLID. I could have 'invested' more into SPI but the token was sold out. Only way to get it was on the exchange, and that was either small amounts at a time OR create upward price pressure. That is OK unless I am the one providing the pressure 🤪🤪 I am hoping that LBI uses the same initial glorious "One Million" token target, as the SPI model did. But the community voted to cap at 100,000 tokens as the sales had trickled to very low rates. LEO has a much more vibrant investing community than Hive, and one might say that LEO is Hive's Investment Community. 😋

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I like your thinking.
I just decided to buy all the LEO I can with my powered down HIVE. It feels much more promising at this moment.
I love the community and don't see any reason why not get all in...

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I still hope the best for HIVE but the trajectory of LEO is too good to not climb on board! Like I said, I had some LEO early on, too bad I did not dive in full force when it was under 1c, but at least I did always keep some and add to it.

I recall what SSUK told me about the original SPInvest, he said I had ammassed quite a handsome profit because I really stacked a lot of it around 16c per token. I have remembered that now while LEO is in the low 20c range. I also got a lot of it even cheaper, in fact most of it was under 1 hive so I'm thinking it was like 12c to 14c for each LEO.

LBI has enormous potential... let me re-phrase that.


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I wasn't even aware of LEO when it was 1 cent. Is there going to be a LBI?

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YES, LBI is a reality. For Sale starting Dec 7th, 2020!!!
1 LEO = 1 LBI. I am gathering LEO as we speak!

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Will it work as HBI did?

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if you mean "SBI" and the hive version, NO

This is BETTER

SBI just gave lifetime votes for the purchased services.

LBI is much different!

Check out SPI, I am told it is very similar.
But in short, your SP was leased to voters, the earnings were used to buy more SP and paid dividends also. Then BTC was bought to provide fund stability, and TETHER was as well. Tether was for the big payouts. I used that. SPI is a club and everyone has a vote, based on number of tokens owned. BUT, it is skewed a bit towards the smaller accounts. I was in the top tier, and had FIVE Votes. It was the "over 10k club" as I recall. But everyone over 10 SPI also gets one vote. Over 100 is 2 votes. As you can see, it's really geared to the smaller investor.
LBI will have to work these things out just as SPI did, because SPI had a 'club' as opposed to a professionally managed account. Lots easier and cheaper to manage for everyone involved. There will be a club charter and voting on that...
I basically turned less than 14,000 hive into $5000 +/- in a little over a year! Had I held on longer, it would be right at $7,000 now. 💪

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That's good money. Is it any post regarding LBI that I can read?

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@lbi-token is the new account

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Upvoting with my full 3K (2.5k delegated power!) You're doing great Hon.

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TY Babes 💋

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Hello friend @underground good night
I see that you also like to accumulate metals, that is also my passion, I have bought a few when it was possible, I hope to be well economically to continue with what I started.
Your way of thinking is very reasonable.
have a great night and a great rest


I wish you good fortunes in Stacking the Precious Metals!

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Wowzers.... And you didn't even tell me about LBI 😲


Oh wait... You were going to tell me, right?


Seriously, I thought THIS (LBI) is what you mentioned to ME. You said LEO had a new investment, and that was after we had discussed the wLEO ups and downs. So now, I have a question, what were you talking about? 😹😹😹

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Yrah I was talking about this... But I didn't know that it already became a reality. I thought it was still just a possibility and maybe going to happen.

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Seems like it is a Done Deal!
Dec 7th is the release date.


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I see and once again am very disappointed that I don't have much to jump in... But that seems to be my destiny?

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