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Big Baller!

I think LEO is going somewhere, hive is dragging a$$, so I'm transferring to LEO.
Yes, LEO in on Hive Engine, but also setting up on on other chains and platforms.
Hive cannot hold us back!!


I see great potential, time to ride the wave!

I also kept a good bit un-staked for a new wLEO 'pool' if one forms up.
I may not fly solo in there, I hate the gas, fees, and bullshit of ETH.
Even tho I have a lot of ETH, I think the system really sucks. Fvck GAS!

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Even though I don't like the gas fees I'm switching more and more towards eth these days... As I feel there's a lot growth possible there and more chances for me to achieve my goal.

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If you find a good wallet-platform-exchange LMK!

Nearly every time I used ETH it was 😝🤪😳😳😳

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Yes sir... I will.

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Ethereum... it's either you love it or hate it. I've only got about $5 of Eth.
But regardless, You're always sweet 💋


I've really always made a great return with all my ETH endeavors,
but it's a real PITA! So now I just HODL it. Got 36 or so...
Earning interest!

5 ETH is not Bad, Kerri!

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$5.88 worth of Ethereum in my Discord, is it worth the gas sending to my Metamask wallet? 🤔 Maybe just give it to my Sis.

you could send them to UNDY

I'm collecting the big boys with high fees
last I saw gas was like $12


Well, actually you are a small whale :)

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I will keep My ETH in discord for transferable coins which need gas fee to transfer certain coins 🤷‍♀️😊

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You could do well on LEO Missy Suni

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Oh really Underground, I will take a look

Welcome in Leo Community.

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What/Who are the "other chains and platforms."? 😀

Well, for now, ETH and the wLEO on uniswap.
I heard a rumor of others... 😉
It is neither difficult nor expensive to get on
other platforms. @ackza has done this before.

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