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Love to make this my primary ONLY Front End, but I have a wide and varied bunch of interests. So I kinda want to get the the low-down on the "acceptable topics" for leofinance and also wondered if there is a "Leo-Daily" posting section or something to that effect. Without further adieu, here's my favorite posting topics, in no particular order!

  1. Precious metals
  2. Crypto
  3. Politics
  4. PETS
  5. Firearms
  6. Automotive
  7. Electronics
  8. Energy

That's about it, so what I was wondering is which topics are acceptable at LeoFinance and which ones need to go elsewhere. I also intend to download an ActiFit app, and that must be posted somewhere as well. I heard those posts were getting flagged on LEO. I also heard that Precious Metals "show posts" are borderline or something. But PMs financial or price discussions would be great.

I see tremendous potential here at LeoFinance, and somethings @trumpman cited recently have me excited for posting again! I busted my @$$ and bought, plus earned my 5000 Steem on there in 235 days, and should have cashed some of it out. I hit 5000 jsut in time for Steem's ATH in early 2018 and my account was valued at over $40,000 U$D 🤩 The only way I made any money at all from Steem/Hive is the awesome SPInvest Program, which is close to the LEO Clan. We have a SPIN-LEO account which earns a great income for Spinvest Club Members!!! Without that connection, I'd have been leaving Hive right now, and not looking back. I'm still not looking back, but I am moving on over to LEO.


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While it is tempting to use LEO for everything because it is the best financially, to do so will dilute the platform and put LEO in the same problematic position that HIVE itself is in.

There are other excellent communities for non-financial topics. GEMS for politics and pets, PHEW for guns, StemGeeks for automotive, electronics and energy.


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Did you cash out anything from those 40,000?

To answer your posts question... I think almost anything is accepted on LEO as long as it is tangent with finances. I don't think simply blogging about your dog will attract upvotes and engagement on your posts. It matters a lot how you build the story of your post and how much it relates to finance.

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I never cashed any of the 40k unfortunately. Once it got back to around $1 (mostly under) I started buying more. I got a lot of SP for SPInvest when it was under 20c and that worked out well. I made a LOT BACK from Spinvest, and used that cash-out to buy a nice little packet of Gold. (not the coin above)

5uscommemorativegoldcoinsbuproofdelivered4 2.jpg

I bought these 12, moved some to Crypto.Com, and bought a lot of LEO.
I prolly got almost a 2x gain from my Steem/Hive but that was just the
power of SPI mainly, and bailing before this huge slump. We are in a
new crypt bull run and Hive is collapsing. I think people are moving
to Crypto, PMs and hard assets due to the election. For various reasons,
but the election seems to be a catalyst. FWIW


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Tbh, if I had $40,000 made from blogging I would definitely cash out a lot.

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The following is a general statement... not directed at you, particularly.

If you were here at that time (and had a big stake) you would have seen that the prevailing thought was HODL and that the 'promise of SMT's and improvements' to Steem was pretty much a lure (effectively) to keep the Minnows and Dolphins in play. But the crybabies that also came over to Hive were ruining Steem at the same time. I think a lot of Ned's supporters were cashing out because of the crybabies who were not prepared to buy the Steem they were selling. So prices crashed. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!

I had 40k but I cashed out close to 10k and LEO is working well for me.
I am "in profit" as far as I can tell. The Gold I bought is also UP.

My average cost per Steem/Hive stands at Well UNDER $1 and most were under 20c
So I have done OK. I learned about buying into the Hype. My Spinvest exit was basically at the ATH.
So I'd say I learned the lessons very well. Wouldn't you?

You're kind of lucky... or we could say that you played your cards right.

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Both, IMO


If I had used "Best Practices" I would have cashed 1/2,
reinvested in something else, and tried again.
Lather, Rinse, REPEAT!

The title of your post isn't per the current state of play, your 8.2k LP actually makes you a Leo Whale ..gets better and better huh? 😎

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Lemme guess... That started as $1, $10, $100, $1000... etc?

AFAIK, this is based on the percentage of stake as per circulating supply (which is pretty low for LEO), thus someone with 81.25 LEO would have the same % as someone with 5k Hive.... I think this is in the direction of how this is calculated, rather than being based on a $ value.

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So I could lose my LEO-WHALE Status by doing.... nothing.

If we (LEO Community) rename this level to


I will maintain it forever!!!


Go for it 👍 ...stake is to with as one pleases and labels/status don't make a difference to amount staked...lots of growth any which way 😁

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I would expand on stuff in regards to 1 & 2.

Explaining the regulatory elements behind them are excellent posts as well. I've seen stocks related posts here and there. Hell, even taxes would fit.

Financial education itself can be a huge topic.

My financial prowess lies in the hedging and saving arenas, mostly.
I really should re-hash some of my older stuff now that I've been
working these systems for so long. @epocketchange had a theory about
saving coins, my view on that was MUCH Wider, and I have been doing
that for a long time. My coin stacking saved my tail more than once,
I had a need for a couple hundo U$D and I weighed my nickels. I had
enough that I knew it was over the amount needed, took it to my bank
(F-Coinstar!) and they counted out $255. It's a little more trouble,
but the extra bother also makes it harder to spend for frivolous junk!

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I like precious metal posts.

As for your question, the answer is 1 & 2. But of course you can do a mix post, that would give you a pass as long as there is some "finance" in the post!

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TY @trumpman2!!!

Politics also crosses over to Finance, obviously. I made a post on FB about how the election will make me money regardless of the outcome. But I'd rather have my guns and freedom than some gains from Gold and Crypto. Besides, Gold and Crypto will both go up eventually, regardless of who is in office. "IMO"


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The LeoFinance community needs less posts talking about posting on LeoFinance and more outward facing posts... you know, actually about finance.

Any of the topics you listed are a great place to start. We're a finance community, so talk about finance, not random crap just to snake extra tokens.

Welcome aboard :)

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Yeah that's a good point about posts about Leo, leave that to the external marketing. I think HIVE had this problem as well as the trending page would be about Hive and nothing else for a lot of the time. I feel that LEO will/has this under a bit more control though from what I've seen in my first few weeks!

Unless you're actually talking about LEO token and strategy of investing itself on LEO then yeah, fully get your point about outward facing posts!

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It frustrates me so much that these posts talking about Hive/Leo are so well rewarded by whales with huge holdings.

I mean it's their long term investment which is bleeding, because they choose to reward content that doesn't help the platform grow by attracting new readers.

Bringing it back to your original question of what type of content you should write, pick an asset class and write content that a regular reader from outside the Hive ecosystem would find valuable.

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Yeah I'm hopeful that the topics become more widespread in the crypto scene, I've found a few articles that aren't HIVE/LEO related here which is good, we need more of that! It's what I try to do and only write specifically about HIVE/LEO on 1st (Power Up day initiative) - I get people are excited but can you imagine if everyone on Twitter or Facebook only wrote about Twitter or Facebook? Might be comparing apples and oranges but it would be a completely different experience!

Ah I wasn't the original poster, I just saw your comment here and agreed with you about what you said :)

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I'm fine with that, I just wanted to see basically where everything stood. I heard that some things were getting flagged and wanted to stay as far away from that as possible.

Thanks for the Welcome!

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I was wondering is which topics are acceptable at LeoFinance.

Community or the LEO stake holders can curate any contents on LEO. However from your list, Precious metals and Crypto are more suitable

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Anything about Finance so your first 2 topics will probably work well here! Everything else is relevant for other communities and front ends but you've had some good replies from others so I'd take their recommendations too!

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TY Nicky!!

I am primarily here for FINANCE, so it should be fine...

I can just add-in doggo stuff on other gold posts or crypto LOL
Or log in on another UI. No biggy! THANKS!

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Haha, sounds like a good plan! Personal and crypto mashed in to one, good thinking! See you around man!

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I think anything related to finance that include crypto and stock etc
gold and silver are also kinds of financial means

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It sounds to me you benefit from Spinvest but no so much from posting. I don't really profit from Hive. I don't look at Leo as a contender for being a cryptocurrency for general use like Dash or Bitcoin, but more as one of an appcoin which allows you to have influence on which posts get visibility and rewards of LEO.

I am going to follow you because if I were you, I'd power down and convert it to BTC. So, it seems to me you know something I don't.

P.S. By the way your posts are visible everywhere on Hive. So the phrase "make this my primary front-end" would have been ambiguous if it weren't for the "posted on Leo Finance" that gets added to the bottom of every post on that site.

See: for a list of places you can see your posts.