UMMMmmm... Got nearly 4,000 LEO now

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And seeking the best way to EARN with them.

I was in SPEW which is now disbanded. I was VERY happy with the returns. Now I am SAD

Other than Staking "Leo Power", what are the other options? I do not post a lot so staking is not really my cup of tea. I also have no knowledge of how HF24 affects curation rewards, I'm just looking for the best Passive Investment for LEO. I believe is will continue to grow and I want to hang onto it for now, and obtain MOAR.


I was very hoggish with SPINVEST and it paid off handsomely, BTW!
Silver/GOLD Savers club FTW!

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Meh, got barely 500, Nice to see you still around Undy 💋

Very very nice Mr. Underground! Congrats on that ... you're a LEO whale!



It will give you nice curation rewards to grow your stake while you wait for other options.

I'm working on obtaining moar Leo myself, but as you know ... I do it with posting. So looking forward to your WHALE vote ... LOL



Not even a LEO Dolphin, yet! LOL
But I perhaps soon shall be...



too bad the chicka is not blondie 🤣🤣🤣

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Lol ... Let's just pretend black is the new blonde

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looks like our old friend

😋🤣🤪🤣😋 micro-kitty 😳😳😳


And that in one sentence with the world "LOVE" ... I'm shocked as hell


Watch out for my post tomorrow it answers your question and youmight just want to stake

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I read it and powered UP

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Staking is a popular option as the curation apr on LEO is something on the order of 30-40% from what I’ve heard (haven’t calculated it myself yet since our change to linear curation).

When WLEO relaunches, that will also be a good option. We don’t have a release date on that yet though as we’re still conducting the thorough audit/planned security upgrades

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OK Then!
Do you have a post about the exploit that caused the Uniswap problems?

Thanks Khal, I hear great things about you and I have been a somewhat distant observer,
but pretty close to the beginning. I was top HODLer in Spinvest for the first year. That was
a great investment! My instincts tell me that LEO could be the Next Big Thing!

We're actually compiling a white paper about the whole situation which will run through everything that happened along with detailed audits of how we dissected the data to reach certain conclusions about who committed the attack and how it was carried out.

In the paper, we'll also explore those security upgrades I mentioned above so that we can find a way to move forward and relaunch WLEO but with an incredibly robust and dynamic system.

Here's just a snippet of the contents so far. We're making good progress. The focus right now is finding LP balances and making anyone who was stuck in the pool whole :)


Our goal is to get this published next week in a combo of a mega-post on Hive + an actual PDF of the whitepaper for anyone who wants to really dive into the details of what happened and how we'll make sure it doesn't happen again 🦁

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Very Impressive!
Worth waiting for, I am sure.

I'm not sure if I doubted the validity of LEO early on, or, more likely, doubted that a team of this caliber would be or could be starting up on the HIVE Blockchain. So few are able to exceed the value of the underlying coin, but LEO clearly is.
All those early questions have been swept away. I'm thinking this will keep my toes in the water at Hive but main activity will be on LEO and some of my own projects.


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