Always remember to support Charity Workers on Hive by purchasing CHARY Tokens

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Charity activities and humanitarian services is one of the most underrated ways of earning crypto mass adoption. The ignorance that exists and the flying news of scams around the crypto sphere can scare people till the next decade from adopting cryptocurrencies. Many think that thee are no sane persons utilizing crypto for legit activities due to the high spate of cyber crimes.

Charity giving has a way of changing the thoughts of many about cryptocurreency. It is therefore very impartant that every cryptocurrency project would make provision through which they can reach out to the common man out there and let them feel the positive impact of the economic activities of the crypto community.

Scenario 1:
Imagine 1 million school children in Africa receiving free exerrcise books/biros that are branded with logos of a crypto community. Certainly, it would get into the eyes of some well meaning people and some local media outlets may capture it for wider publicity.

Hive branded Exercise Book


LeoFinance community branded Exercise Book_

Scenario 2:
Imagine a crypto community ad running in a stadium or during television advert of a local or national sports event. Imagine gifting branded free footballs to all registered football teams in a state for their training sessions. That would go a long way to egistering the crypto community brand in the hearts of the players, fans and other sports stakeholders.

Hive and Sportstalksocial branded ball

More important is the fact that a blockchain/crypto like Hive has a strong community of people and has the system that can serve as a socialmedia handle for sports teams and players. Already @dfacademy is doing a great job and is raising young footall players in Nigeria. Imagine that gesture replicated in all states of the country, then Hive would become a popular brand.

The above are just a few higlights of the many things that could be done to promote charity courtesy of a cryptocurrency community.

In the infographic above, I tried to highlight the several ways through which the different Hive tokens and communities can integrate charity into their plans.

Such gestures above and others can be vividly supported by buying CHARY tokens in the LeoDex or Hive-engine Market. Buying these tokens lets you give out HIVE to humanitarian users to fund their projects and helps you hold a good stake to upvote them in the future.


I think that charity is a worthy cause and @achimmertens has put in so much efforts to set the community running and several projects have been funded. Read here to get details of the direction that the CHarity community and CHARY token heads.

I am persuaded that charity gestures has the potential of leaving lasting impressions in the hearts pf the recipients. It's time we get more people to feel the value of blockchain beyond being a store of value to solving real-time problems in our environments.

Let's be mindful of supporting Charity Workers by purchasing CHARY Tokens from the CHARY market. The tokens can be staked for more upvotes or burnt to improve its value.

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I think I'll be able to learn some more about the CHARY community. Let's start up the journey and I may become a charity contributor.

The Chary community is all about being a community for charity where charity workers are funded for their projects via CHARY tokens which are exchangeable for Hive.

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Charity activities and humanitarian services is one of the most underrated ways of earning crypto mass adoption.

Sadly the world has lost understanding to the matters of charity and are totally insensitive to the needs of others thinking that life is all about themselves and to this note, they have also miss out in the bounties that are available for their grabs.

Hope to begin my charity work on the blockchain soon.

Thanks for making this mind shaking exposition on the subject of charity and showing the bounties of crypto benefits in carrying out charity services.

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Thank you!

You deserve more of the thanks for the great insight and drive you're pushing this charity project on Hive. Indeed, you'll be surprise at how much new users would come to Hive via the Charity app when it successfully gets built. Touching people's lives directly with cryptocurrency is the only way to change their minds from viewing crypto as a scam company.

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Let's invest

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I'm anticipating that you'll be buying some CHARY from the market to stake them to encourage more charity service givers on the Hive blockchain.

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