Onboarding New Users to HIVE get's easier when projecting Hive Tokens

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At the current economic status of nations of the world, the eyes of many are beginning to open to multiple income sources. Many individuals have met the jerk of their lives following the retrenchment and downsizing in workplaces over the past few months and have come to the conclusion that "business is king". Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular and people are feeling safer to make business engagements with cryptos as there are less tendencies of account hacks. Hackers are aware of this and are trying to clone blockchains with a false pyramid funds return schemes to dupe the gullible masses.

This therefore places a demand on authentic blockchains like HIVE to revamp their business models to attract the hungry masses. Yesterday, I penned this post which was an eye opener to the grey area in technological development refusing to leverage business models and economic principles to thrive. People are not ready to adopt a technology that does not promise financial gains after-all.

Trying to market HIVE at times seems so complex that many find it confusing to see where they fit in, however, with the advent of communities and Tribes tokens, we can just present a related tribe/community/token to an individual that we know his interests. I am beginning to find it very easy to onboard new users while presenting them a fitting community. For example:

Last week, I got a call from a friend that he's ringing another friend of his who's interested in investing into cryptocurrency. Gradually, people are getting to know me as the "cryptocurrency guy" and it thrills me that the tiny offline promotions are beginning to yield tangible results. Today, the young man actually visited and after about 30 minutes of brief explanation of the Hive blockchain and communities, he was interested in communities and indicated interest in making some tangible investments in one of them (I won't disclose which for now).

Certainly, this is the beginning of great things to come. The community with the est business model is that which would have more new users joining and investing. This would be to the good of HIVE in general. It is crucial that we see communities as specifics and simpler forms to which HIVE can be marketed.

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