The Rebirth of Wrapped-LEO: The Power of a Resilient Community

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I gave some deep thoughts on the series of development around @Leofinance in the last one month from the launch of wrapped-LEO to the LEO dominance in Hive market to the hack and the picking of pieces by the community leaders, members and well-wishers which finally resulted in the announcement of roadmap to relaunch wrapped-LEO on the ETH blockchain. All these happened within a span of One month.

I have read the 33 minute long Wrapped LEO White Paper twice so far and I'll again read much later. Each round of read reveal some deep character and abilities in the persons leading and making up the LeoFinance community and by extension the Hive blockchain and it stirs a series of write on "resilience" which I'll be sharing in the coming days.

Some days, we face setbacks and this will surface at one point or two or more in a man's life. Many get drenched and give-up during those moments but some brave up to turn the supposed setbacks to stepping stones. True that we can’t always control what happens around us. Yes! many things happen so sudden that it requires a pause to really understand what changed.

We are all aware at the pace at which the whole world were struck by the "invisibly" corona virus and many economies were melted to the drains and sad, some lives were lost. Some have cursed the year 2020 as the worst off of years, yet, there are many that 2020 has been the best of their years so far. Some economies are yet to recover from the covid attack. It's all determined by the stuff we're made in the inside.

Resilience has been defined as the "capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Another definition showcases resilience as the "ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity." Synonyms used for resilience include flexibility, pliability, suppleness, plasticity, elasticity, and springiness, etc. There are many more ways we can coin words to describe the phenomenon. Lyn Christian has this to say:

Imagine having the power to bend, but not break — to tip over, and not stay down. Learning how to build resilience will help you gain this power.

I have seen the "resilience' phenomenon exemplified by @khaleelkazi and the entire @LeoFinance community in the last few weeks and it's worth a lesson for every project, business and life.

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I've heard a couple of times and I also believe that there is enough room at the top. This is why I refuse to stay down. Each time I look at my entrepreneurial journey over the last 11 years of "no government job" after graduating with a good grade from the university, I have just one option which is to press further. I started from the scratch and it was difficult at some times. I failed time and again, but I saw those failing stripes as my "hard lessons".

I've seen this "never give-up" character in the LeoFinance community in the last few months and particularly over the last one month. I beamed a smile as I read the proposed date for the relaunch of Wrapped-LEO in the released whitepaper.

Our target launch date for Wrapped LEO is November 10th.

That date, November 10, reminds me of the year 2011 (nine years ago) when I almost lost my mum and sister to a gunshot attack by hoodlums. Five and Thirteen grains of bullet in them respectively but they are both alive today. It was a near-death experience, yet faith was up and lifted that it wasn't yet time for them to go. They didn't give up, I never gave up, we never gave up!

After the wrapped-LEO attach, I've always held the view that the situation came to make LEO stronger and @Leofinance community larger. I saw some Hive users who have never used the frontend do it for the fist time in solidarity to the community on the attack. There were many comic relieve to ease the severity of the damage and it all compounded to making the project the community better. It's turning out true.

The key to relaunching WLEO is to ensure security on all fronts. We need to not only render attacks like the one we experienced impossible but also predict future attack vectors and create layers of security to safeguard against them.

Certainly, there will be more investors looking out for Wrapped-LEO this time because its been tested and trusted. The weakness of the project was reveal and now, there are steps to fortify it. The thorough investigation and report of the hack with a multi-option recovery strategies shows the preparedness of the community lead to push the project into fruition.

The support from other Hive witnesses and developers shows a level of external trust reposed on the leadership of LeoFinance by the entire Hive blockchain. It further shows the potential of Hive becoming a blockchain to reckon with in the crypto space. Already, the analysis of the hack shows the strength of Hive security wise.

Indeed, this is another beginning, better and stronger. The price of LEO had already recovered to the 1 HIVE value and we'll likely be heading towards the $0.3 value mark on the day of the relaunch of wrapped-LEO. Like I said, there are many lessons I'll be sharing on this characteristics and I hope it would thrill my readers.

In the mean time, let's buckle-up and be ready for the ride.


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Wrapped LEO is just a piece of the larger picture. As you said, there is a lot in that post to digest. Ultimately, the community is much tighter and the belief in Leofinance much greater than before the hack.

It is amazing how outside threats bring people together. We saw it with the Steem community with Sun and now within LEO due to the hacker.

So far, the result with Hive has been positive and I expect the same (even more) with LEO. On every level, we need to keep pushing to make things better.

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It is amazing how outside threats bring people together. We saw it with the Steem community with Sun and now within LEO due to the hacker.

There is a present #Endsars campaign in Nigeria which has brought the youths formidably together and for the first time, the youths challenged the government that has been for the past 60 years in the country.

The bonding among the Leofinance community and the Hive community in general has been very commendable.

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Now we need to get those youths together on Hive and Leofinance.

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LEO Finance's logo is a lion. The larger HIVE community has demonstrated that they are a pride in their own right by working together!

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