Today's (08/07/2020) HIVE Tokens Investment: CHARY, SPORTS & CTP Power-up ($5.7 in worth)

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It is thrilling to see that Hive users are beginning to see the need to invest in Hive tokens. I am happy that I never stopped sharing my success stories as well as my growth which has inspired many. Besides, Hive tokens has become a gateway to onboard the masses to Hive, especially as each power a specific community.

Some persons around me who were paying deaf ears to my mention of HIVE are beginning to reconsider joining HIVE just for the sake of investing in the HIVE tokens. I hear another friend complained bitterly how his posts get lost in the pool of thousands of Hive posts but expressed optimism that with the Hive tokens, he too can have a relevant stake to pull some influence. On hearing that, it reminds me of what @Taskmaster4450 said in one of his post about the utility that Hive engine tokens are bringing to HIVE.

The truth here is that any community that know why they are here and they invest their effort in marketing their community/product, they'll surely pull a wave of new users and investors from their end. This on the long run would make HIVE to serve the purpose that bitcoin is currently serving as well as that which USD is serving in the fiat world.

The above forms a basis for my daily investment in Hive tokens. I do it in bits from my authorship earnings and with consistency, I have been able to amass a great pool of curation efforts that is significantly giving value to posts on Hive.

Today, being 8th of July, 2020, I decided to throw in some $5.7 worth of HIVE into Hive engine tokens and the tokens are powered up to increase my curation efforts. The tokens that were covered today are: SPORTS, CHARY and CTP.


I powered up a little above 288k SPORTS and this brings my total SPORTS stake to 19.3 million. My July target for SPORTS is 25 million. Let's see how far we can go on achieving this.

About SportsTalkSocial Community/ SPORTS Token

SPORTS token powers an online community for sports contents has as the website. I call the SPORTS token as "the entertainment/passion token" on Hive blockchain. A Content would love to go for SPORTS because a greater part of the rewards goes to the author. An investor would love to go for SPORTS because the token is is cheap and has a great potential owing to the fan base for sports worldwide. SPORTS token is currently worth 0.00005 HIVE.


500 CHARY tokens were powered up. This brings my total stake of CHARY tokens to 7,000 on @HiveAid. With this moves, I am certain to reach the 10,000 CHARYstake target by the end of the month.


About Chary Community/ CHARY Token

CHARY token powers an online community of that supports charity helpers / people that do good things to others and has as the website. I call the CHARY token as "the charity token". CHARY is exceptional because it is all giving. I use this token to power my @HiveAid account which is to support #hiveimpact and #cryptoimpact projects. Humanitarians would always have a huge support here. CHARY token is currently worth 0.01 HIVE.


100 CTP topkens were purchased and powerd-up. This brings my total stake of CTP tokens to 1,400.

About CTPTalk Community/ CTP Token

CTP token powers an online community of affiliate marketers, online businesses and entrepreneurs. and has as the website. A Content creator would love to go for CTP because a greater part of the rewards goes to the author. An investor would love to go for CTP because the token is accepted outside of Hive for affiliate marketing and traffic generation. CTP token is currently worth 0.062 HIVE.

I am gently and steadily building the drops of stake and I am looking to the future when the investment drops would be worth much more value to give to content creators.

Disclaimer: In all, the above are my personal views about HIVE tokens that fuels my convictions to invest in the tokens. These are not investment advice. Always make your research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Kindly support my @hiveAid project with delegation, follow and reblogs as we aim to empower impact lives wit our cryptocurrency earnings.

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