🗞 Daily Crypto Video, September, 2nd💰

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🗞 Bitcoin Breaks $12K; Uniswap Crosses $1.5B Locked;
🗞 Uniswap Rises to Top of DeFi Charts Thanks to Rival Looking to Unseat It;
🗞 Ethereum Fees Hit a New All-Time High;
🗞 Messari: $500M in BTC tokenized for DeFi is just the beginning;
🗞 Beijing Telecoms Provider Latest Company to Join Digital Yuan Pilot;
🗞 Daily Crypto Calendar, September, 2nd 💰

Full blog and sources link: https://peakd.com/hive-126009/@vlemon/daily-crypto-news-september-2nd

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Good video man! I guess your "10' spent in front of the micro without recording" gave you the chance to do it better later on ;-)

@tipu curate

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Hehe ! Indeed !

Since when are you a Tipu curator?

Since May if I remember well