Blockchain Developers Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

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As much as we need users and content creators in the crypto space there is still a heavy demand for developers who can code on the blockchain. The space is wide open with little competition in terms of working applications. You are looking at the barren ground that could be the internet 2.0 and you can build whatever or wherever you want. You can think of this as being a web designer when the internet came out and there was no sites to compete with.

Go Your Own Way

You can literally pick a chain and build a dapp for it and find a community who will support you. There is a lot of money on ethereum right now with a huge user base. If you wanted to code something for leo you would get paid for your posts and updates as you worked on the application that used the Leo code. Binance has a fund for dapps that work on the binance chain. There are so many options and with no dapp having more than a few thousand users this is your chance to stand out.

Work For A Company

If you don't want to work for yourself, I'm sure there will be a lot of demand for programmers who know how to make applications on the blockchain. This is a strong resume to have in this environment and could help you land a high paying job. With Paypal and Facebook getting into Crypto not only do you have the option of working with new start-ups but big tech companies who would probably want developers on their payroll who know how to work with blockchain.

The Field Is Open

You can also do both. Imagine being able to make a dapp for the Google play store and being one of the only dapps on there. Literally you would be one of the only dapps on the entire store. Or even better you can make your own dapp store as that is yet to be developed. I cannot stress how early it is in the game and how needed dapp developers are right now.

I Wish I Could Code

I really wish I knew how to code and this is something I might go back to school for. Right now I'm still trying to get my finances right and hoping to find a few dapps that I can make content for. Maybe I will learn to code and make content about that, that could be a way to maximise my time on sites like this.

I won't be making the next killer dapp anytime soon but that doesn't mean you won't. This is your time to make something that could make you the next big name in technology.

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I remember growing up. One thing I so much desire is to be able to code but whenever I tried, it get fustrating during the process of learning it. Perhaps in the future I will summon full courage to do so

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