How to use your Power?

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Who doesn't like to produce something valuable and positive? I think everyone will. No exception to produce Hive liquid from our Hive Power. But how?

Or why is that important? I think because there are times when we don't have time to post, forget about it or are down. So by having passive 'income' from our hive power is certainly an option.

I use delegation power, one of which is via @tipu at and you can try it. At, I only delegate power of 115 Hive Power. But from only delegating power to 115 HP, I get a passive income of 0.033 HIVE every day, yes, every day. I don't think it's bad, right.

Apart from I have BRO Coin even though only 2 BROCOINs every day I get 0.006 HIVE from @brofund

other than that Every week I get passive income worth 0.024 HIVE from @spi-payments by having 10 EDS Tokens

At least that way every day and every week there is always an HIVE cashflow in my wallet

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Thanks for sharing! I didn't know this thing.

Okay, I hope this information is helpful 😁