Investing in cryptocurrency is a gamble or future investment

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Cryptocurrency Future

If we talk honestly about the bitcoin future, there is no doubt that bitcoin will become an international currency in the near future. But even so, if something is going to take Bitcoin back from the era of the international currency, there is no price stability.
Because bitcoin's price stability is essential for it to enter the international currency era.
Because no country or investor would invest their wealth in a currency that could cost millions in a matter of seconds.
Because if Bitcoin is twenty thousand dollars at the moment, then the next moment it is possible that the price of Bitcoin will be ten thousand.
Investors around the world would not like to gamble.
Because at the moment the opinion of cryptocurrency is different

The idea of ​​cryptocurrency is to invest in the money or investment cryptocurrency that you have extra money. This means that even if the extra money sinks, it doesn't matter.
So such an opinion is always in the gambling business. So can we call a cryptocurrency business or an investment a gamble?
But if you look closely, there are now thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market.
Hundreds of thousands are scams and fakes.
In this way some people fall prey to greed and invest in scam cryptocurrency. Thus they have suffered and are suffering.
If we really want to include cryptocurrency in the currency of the modern age, then the exchange of cryptocurrency should not list any currency that is for a short period of time because the way AMPS deceived many investors and then ran away.
You don't have to agree with me. All these thoughts are my own.


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