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Derived from the curriculum of Legitimate Illiteracy is the verse, ‘Dirt is good; ask the soap master’.

Underlyingly, ‘Dirt is good; ask the soap master’ is a giant call-to-action. While ‘giant’, this particular giant action is one that is very easy to carry out. It is a very humanly-exhaustible action!

Proceeds from each sale will go towards the setup of a physical hub called ‘Macrohard’ located in the Philippines, for ‘brother programmers’. Read more!

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The word “Dirt” in this case has grand context. Among other things, this particular breed of “dirt” is closely related to the giant word “dig-dig-dig”, which in turn refers to ‘the art of becoming a diggist’.

Someone who dig-dig-digs is ‘a diggist’.

In affairs involving human evolution, the art of dig-dig-dig-ing is very important and it entails guaranteed dirt.

We frown at this very art; we tend to!

Inclined more towards ‘outer-space’, we circumvent the ‘down-to-earth spaces of mama earth’ (where ‘greatness’ lies), to escape the “dirt”.

Alas, “dirt is good; ask the soap mater”. This applies even with ‘alien soap masters’.

“To dust you will return”: How come then that by world-standards, ‘dirt’ is suddenly foreign? Has this particular nuance of knowledge been lost in the midst of ‘world paint’? Is the ‘painted world’ too clean after all, for this ‘dirt’ (“to dust you will return”) paradigm to even slightly hold sway?

“A painted world is an un-real world.” @surpassinggoogle

Un-ironically, ‘the world’ is still very novice to the ‘true state of the world’There hasn’t been much ‘mining’ done of today’s world. There has been more ‘mining’ spent painting it instead.

Alas, “paint” doesn’t exactly mean “clean”.

We haven’t taken the ‘dirt’ routes enough. It has been about ‘outer-space’ instead; the ironical ‘comfort zone’. Hahaha, ‘like drinking those ‘cheap gin(s)’ and calling it ‘enjoyment’, when you can ‘champ the pain’ some extra and drink ‘champagne’ all the same’.

As a result, there has come to be so much amiss in the world today even in terms of “knowledge”. Deficient we have been in the ‘art of dig-dig-dig’, that much of the ‘knowledge’ derivable from ‘the down-to-earth’ has stayed particularly un-revealed.

‘Partial’ thus, is the ‘knowledge’ by which we have evolved. We can’t seem to find our place in the ‘painted world’, for untold is ‘the intel’ usable in blurring out some of the ‘paint’?

Even ‘our very human’, we haven’t ‘mined’ enough. We turn out ‘half-humans’ as a result!

Note: ‘Mining the human’ isn’t a very clean art.

To attain full-blown human-hood, we will need ‘knowledge’ that is ‘whole’, a mixture of ‘the books’ and ‘the no-books’.

Many of ‘the books’ have written; ‘orderly and library-ed’. Where are ‘the no-books’ stored?

And when i undertake those ‘dirt’ routes and decide to reveal the content in ‘the no-books’, that the ‘collective world’ may better evolve, how am i perceived? You say ‘i am illiterate’? No, i am ‘legitimate illiterate!

We amass secular knowledge; that that is said to be tied to ‘security’ and painted “clean” by world-standards but how about “knowledge” for real, that that is tangibly-tangible for our collective evolution, tied to the evolution of ‘our human’, to the exertion of our human virtues, to the exploration of our human senses? “Oh, that’s nonsense, undefined, scattered, rough, dirt!”

Hahaha, isn’t the ‘boolean’ encoded into ‘the books’, that models even entire governance(s) of the ‘painted world’ decapitating humans, limiting them to ‘bot-like off/on motions’ only; ‘controllable by half-a-stone’?

One stone will struggle to kill two birds today; half-a-stone can capture entire nations today. @surpassinggoogle

Aren’t the very ‘words’ that make up ‘the books’ (which effect world-curricula) ‘weak’, in terms of capturing ‘context’ relating to human behavior? Doesn’t it say ‘black or white’, when there is also ‘grey’? Doesn’t it say ‘happy or sad tears’, when there are ‘un-fell tears’ too? Doesn’t it say ‘morals = good or bad’, when there is ‘forgiveness’ too?

Now, if the words that exist as we have it in ‘the books’ are pinpoint, defined, clean yet ‘CAPped’ (limited), where are ‘the no-books’ and its breed of words, words that are ‘rough, dirty, nonsensical’ yet spiritual, fly, carrying ‘invincibility, fire, swag, greatness’?

It is no coincidence that humans who are suppose to be ‘un-ordinary’ are seen as ‘ordinary’ in today’s painted world; superficially ‘all clean’, yet ‘ordinary’.

They can kill you ‘politely’, in the name of ‘superficial cleanliness’ and say, ‘i was just doing my job’; climbing a career ladder, while trampling you deep into the dust, for in their eyes, you are ‘dirt’ overall.

“Africa is a dump”, they will then rush on to say, then go on to wonder ‘where Africans manage to get their swag from’Hahaha, ‘from that mud, from their stamped-feet and connection to the ground’. Their ‘stubborn genes’ didn’t just erupt, there was ‘grind’ involved! Their very ‘substance’ has ended up ‘deeply-rooted’, their ‘spirituality, invincibility’ too and baths can’t wash these types of ‘human virtues’ off.

Don’t be mistaken, with all their ‘illiteracy’, if you re-enter the jungle with all ‘your geek’, they will sell you; for in a good way, they will resell you to your very self.

That ‘sold you’ will look at your ‘old you’ and all you are told and re-told of is, “i am dust after all”.

Then, you will be mingle-able with the dust, ranking ‘great’. You will begin to walk with ‘new airs’ and it will be ‘great airs’. You will become ‘beautifully disruptive’ too, with your very own identity; ‘stubborn genes’.

“Influence the world with your human shine”. @surpassinggoogle

“Human poop”….., i must walk past! “It is too much dirt; it is shitty!”

No, it is human’s!‘ You can linger around this particular poop to ponder on ‘who its host is’ or what constituents formed it, to peer into the world that emanated it; it’s human’s!

Too Bizarre?

Well, the world has created entire innovations modeled to call humans ‘shitty’, to block them and label them ‘abusers’, for they have been predicted to ‘spam and spoil’. The very internet itself manages to label people ‘third world’ and tells them to ‘scram off’ for being from a certain IP location.

Too Bizzare?

There is spam in your gmail. At the very least, you can eat of it.

And well, if you are so indubitably conclusive that ‘they are shitty’, dig-dig-dig of yourself, find testimonial use for ‘good’ in the face of the ‘not-so-good’ and of that so-called ‘nonsense‘ dig-dig-dig to find ‘sense‘ therein.

Be diggist! Tap into that dirt; do the discomfort, champ the pain.

Exert your human virtues, explore your human senses in newer ways, away from that ‘static systemic for-bot boolean’ proceed, away from that ‘911-call for every mosquito bite’ proceed. Not any longer should you be capable of picking a hammer up to trample upon your home because two mosquitoes bit you while mating and you wanted to grind them up.

“No, don’t touch me; it’s called personal space”. Hahaha, aren’t you a creature in our shared earth? What property is exactly truly yours? Can’t you mingle with the mountains though and have the seas touch your feet? Aren’t you in my earth and am i not in yours?

‘Dirt is good; ask the soap master.” @surpassinggoogle

“He is monkey” yet “the monkeys” fascinate you. You will safari just for them.

If you will adjust from all this ‘so-called cleanliness’, i will invite you close and i will say, “do not bath, that you may stink into those finer aspects of you, where your un-ordinariness lies.

And if you have to shed tears to access this ‘dirt’, i say unto you, ‘tear those very tears. Isn’t tears the by-product of ‘mining the human’?

En-route ‘mining your human’ towards ‘its awesomest version’, there is bound to many tears, whether happy, sad or un-fell tears.

‘You with white shirts’, what can you handle?’

‘You in outer-space’, can you take on the jungle for one day? Do you know of a ‘ceiling fan’ that whines out your name? Yes, in all your cleanliness, can you have managed to know of ‘potholes with roads’?

‘You in those glamorous skyscrapers’, what is your history? Is ‘your inside’ taller than ‘your skyscraper’? Do you really rock that Versace or does it rock you?

Can you walk into a room adorned in rags and make the room halt because you walked in and your presence filled it?

Any real depth in your carriage? Is that ‘air’ that you catwalk with ‘matter’? Does it have weight and occupy space or is it empty and ‘paint’?Can you bear a brother’s consequence? Can you forgive me a hundred times? Well, have you done ‘time’?

Yes, i am a ‘legitimate illiterate’ but i can envision your story; i can live it through your schools, through your media, through your books; can you envision mine? I can wear your white shirts, can you wear mine? You can code ‘Microsoft’ on that jingling comfort chair; can you code ‘Macrohard‘ on top of jungle thorns?

Legitimate illiterates can take on both worlds.

There is a ‘May Weather’ and there is a ‘Mohammed Ali‘, both are boxers but one has chopped trees. Yes, one has gone into conscious isolation and gone into dark rooms.

“Oh, it is too dark; it has got to be white.” Have your tapped into your ‘grey’ yet?

How is your spirit-side? Can you reach it? Can you do that particular breed of grind?

Did you know that there is ‘rare intel’ innate to you, locate-able and reveal-able only by you yet tangible for the collective evolution of the world? Have you dug into these intense aspects of you in a bid to attain this particular ‘rare intel’ and reveal it to the world? Can these things be written in today’s ‘books’ except by you?

Is it any wonder then, that the world propagates the popular narrative ‘wait till the end of the tunnel to find light’? Can they go into these tunnels to find out what’s therein without getting their hands dirty?

Did you know that the likes of Facebook or Google take control of ‘your mine’ and manage to locate excerpts of your “rare intel” from it and that they make billions with it? Isn’t “money the smaller things” after all, where you take control of ‘your mine’ instead and mine it?

I created ‘Ulogs’ to incite humans to take control of their mine and ‘mine their human’.

Adam named all the animals! He had had to ponder-wonder, ‘doing the dirt’ as need to give these earthly creatures perfect names.

Are you willing to undertake the ‘dirt’ routes and if you do, will you reveal what’s there too? So, why pummel those who take those routes for revelation sake? Why call it black or dirt or are you trying to keep your ‘cycle of hand-to-mouthism and half-humanism‘ intact.

Really, how much can you continually say from the so much that you don’t know? How blatant can you really be your utterances regarding humans by virtue of ‘outer-space books’. How much advice can you really give?

“Call 911”?

“Do you”? (without the preceding question, ‘who are you’?)

“Pursuit of happiness”? (while underlying saying, ‘run way from discomfort, sadness, dirt’)

“Do what makes you happy”?

“You only live once”?

Is the set of advice above contextually enough for ‘human evolution’ or are these mostly ‘narratives’ to sell products incessantly by?

Tie them up with ‘illusions’, using labels and buzz-words; give them ‘buttons’ (so-called comfort tools) to play with for boolean sake, then feed them with ‘consolation’ in a cycle. A bot curriculum.

Use each means to label them ‘third world’, ‘jungle’, ‘dirty’. Arm them with guns to clean the nations of humans; return as the solution-bringer; ‘the philanthropist’. Then, play with monkeys instead and ‘to the cats’ give all the laurels.

“Have in subjection the fishes of the sea.” If you sat on a wall and you manage to TikTok with all the skyscrapers behind you; so? Aren’t you tired of those routes already? Are you that robotic, that something can remain ‘new-school’ to you forever and serve you ‘your high after high’?

“When you have seen many things, many things become ordinary.” @surpassinggoogle

Yes, those clean-looking UHD mall-side TV(s), what do you see upon them? Glamorous insight into the under-synthetism and de-sophistication of your eyes? Isn’t it demeaning that these TV(s) are appearing to generate more colors out of life and nature than your eyes can in ‘real life’? Aren’t you tired of the ‘paint’?

“May social-distancing not too-linger post-corona. The world is too-ever-distant already.” @surpassinggoogle

“Yes, let him sing off-key”. ‘Talent’ is generic! I want the ‘brother’ element instead; that particular one who will grind on my behalf, not the one always popping his collar beside me.

Carry that ‘shone teeth’ away and tell me sternly to ‘put that cigarette down’. Be dirty for me!

Don’t underrate me in my rags, when you smoke and poop without wailing from the stench in your smoke plus poop.

Try starvation too. It may have taste. Don’t tell me you are ‘my man’, if you can’t dig-dig-dig of my ‘text’ and remove its code to find me. Don’t tell me you that love humans or that you want to philanthropicalize entire nations, when you can’t ransack my ‘dirt papers’, to love me in them.

Speaking of ‘dirt papers’, the one below is my third most valuable possession. A rumpled piece of paper, a paper which i like ‘rumpled’; a dirt paper.

I will tell you more about it at the later part of this ulog…

Yes, dig of my text, of its very elements and ‘my skin pores’, name them too. Dig-dig-dig that much! No loss!

Nothing is ever that complex. The most complex-looking thing is only ever ‘as difficult as 1, 2, 3’. Just put some dig-dig-dig in!

See me having mentioned ‘poop‘ on the inscription above?

“To dust you will return.” Why are you too clean then?

“Greatness is not so clean”. @surpassinggoogle

‘Dirt is good; ask the soap master’ is the basis for the t-shirt below. May you obtain a copy of this shirt, adorn yourself in it, take up the mantle of ‘Dirt is good; ask the soap master’ and pass the message across to every passerby in your way, for ‘humanity is the brother next to you’.

Proceeds from each sale will go towards the setup of a physical hub called ‘Macrohard’ located in the Philippines, for ‘brother programmers’. Read more!

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The world will eventually grow tired of “outer-space” and seek a return ‘down-to-earth”. Alas, this is already happening! So, ‘undertaking the ‘dirt’ routes is now’!

May this publication bring some balance to our perception. May it be effective in removing some of the ‘paint’ from the ‘painted world.

Quick note: If you would like me to explain this further, touching on a wider span of scenarios, let’s do a livestream and discuss it. Contact ‘[email protected]’.

Your boy Terry


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