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Derived from the curriculum of Legitimate Illiteracy is the verse, ‘You are celebrity, for i am your fan’.

Underlyingly, ‘you are celebrity, for i am your fan’ is a giant call-to-action. While ‘giant’, this particular giant action is one that is very easy to carry out. It is a very humanly-exhaustible action.

‘You are celebrity, for i am your fan’, also carries giant revelation; revelation about the true state of the world.

Establishing ‘the true state of the world’ and you can better identify your place in it.

You see, many world-renown issues are easy to fix. Yet, we keep getting fed ‘consolation’ loopingly.

‘Consolation’ is the daily bread of this system. Some prefer to say ‘hope’ (verb) but can ‘hope’ contextually be ‘hope’ without ‘assurance’?

Then, you may want to go biblical and say, the Bible spoke of ‘hope’. Alas, in Jehovah’s case, there is assured assurance backing ‘hope’; it is not just a ‘keep hoping’ affair or ‘hope for fun’. Jehovah can ’cause to become’. He guarantees salvation and He is that much love.

Where you are heartily told to “wait till the end of the tunnel to find light”, can’t that be said to be ‘blatant mockery’, especially if it is known that you would not have ‘light’ to navigate your way to the end of the tunnel? Won’t it be ‘fatal mockery’, where this ‘so-called tunnel’ is ’round’ (in a cycle)?

Well, what if there was no tunnel at all?

Now, these ones who ever-readily provide you with this well-posed ‘buzz-words’ pinpoint-looking consolation, do they really know anything about tunnels? Have they been tunnelers ever?

Assuming ‘tunnels’ exist, why can’t this be said at the very least by you and me; “let me tap into my shine (my true celebrity-hood) that the world can find more lights, that more lights can go right inside tunnels, that not any longer does any in the tunnel have to wait ’till the end of the tunnel’ to find light.”

Instead of joining in and spending ages saying to ourselves and others, “tomorrow will be better”, can’t we say, “there are dates now.”

Many things are only as complex as 1, 2, 3. @surpassinggoogle

It is this simple; when the world simply can’t see you as a ‘celebrity’, having reserved ‘celebrity-hood’ for a select recycled ‘few’, how can it afford you its bread?

And well, this ‘so-called celebrity-hood’ has ‘tiers’ (A – Z through 0 – 9) too, that ‘breadcrumbs’ can be yours either. Arrive and you are fed with “tomorrow will be better”, because what do they see of you, when they look at you is, ‘half-humans.’

Hahaha, ‘half-humans labeling others half-humans’? This is no irony! This is the very irony that permeates the world; ‘a cycle of hand-to-mouthism and half-humanism.’

‘Humans’ appear to doubt the ‘value in fellow humans’; looking at fellow humans yet seeing only ‘half-humans’ each time.

Alas, these so-called ‘humans’ are ‘half-humans’ too; for only ‘half-humans will see ‘half-humans’ in fellow humans’.

The painted world is not so complicated to see. To blur out some of its paint though, you will need some ‘legitimate illiteracy’.

In this existing mix, illusionary concepts like ‘racism’ (another ‘label’ buzz-word) can seamlessly fall in place, to sustain ‘tension’ among humans; that business can income from each extremity. So, is there ‘racism’ after all? Can ‘half-humans’ really be racist towards ‘half-humans’.

Note: ‘races’ (labels) are broken into further ‘labels’! For instance, among ‘races’, there are now hundreds of ‘genders’ (labels) and associated ‘buzz-words’, even finance to hype these labels.

“Divisions between divisions” and ‘new labels’ can easily be incorporated into the system as frequently as they are populated e.g Africa > ‘African-Americans vs African-Africans’ and when they attempt to unite, there comes ‘Pan-african vs ADOS’ etc.)

As such, the world stays a marketplace and business booms!

Humans continue the race to ‘full-blown human-hood’ but now do so ‘within a ‘rat’ race’! No longer able to find their place in ‘a world filled with so many labels’, they end up in outer-space, losing out on ‘their human’; becoming bot-like.

Now, that a large expanse of humans have ‘a shared bot-like identity’, any curriculum, innovation, endeavor modeled to ‘cater to bots’ become fanciful to humans.

Too, any ‘line of products’ associated to a label, hyped with buzz-words and laden with ‘so-called extravagance’ (bot-like), sells!

“Where the ‘painted world’ is headed is scary.” @surpassinggoogle

Hahaha, did some nuances get lost in the mix? How come not? Isn’t the world ‘painted’?

Going back…

Those who are suppose to be “celebrities” by world-standards stop evolving! In the face of all the accolades and adulation from the masses, they have long-ago stopped evolving. Did they eventually turn out ‘full-blown human’ or do they just carry that status?

These world-renown celebrities are ‘the faces’ presented, ‘the standards’ presented, ‘the celebrities’ presented, ‘the celebrated’ and ‘the masses of others’ (so-called non-celebrities) buy into the narratives and begin to revere, imitate, celebrate these world-renown celebrities and stop evolving in the process too.

‘The smaller bulk’ stop evolving because they feel that they have attained ‘full-blown human-hood’ as a result of all their popularity and ‘the larger expanse’ stop evolving too, as they continually follow ‘the smaller bulk’ into outer-space. A ‘painted world’ then sets in, one favorable instead for bots or outer-spacers, whereupon products can sell, ‘each half-human constituting a client’; a giant incessant cash-in!

In the midst of all these, both parties lose their ‘human shine’. ‘One party’ (world-renown celebrities) begin to become cold, unreachable, even god-like and the ‘other party’ (the un-celebrated) begin to find themselves constantly away from ‘the down-to-earth’ and into ‘outer-space’, losing out on ‘their human’ too.

(Note: it is no coincidence that many ‘world-renown celebrities’ today change in their personality even abruptly once they are given ‘celebrity’ status, indicating that they weren’t ‘full-blown humans’ yet. Upon finding popularity, neither have they allowed further room for evolution and may have stopped evolving altogether.)

Alas, in the midst of an un-earthy world, cats can come in to fill the gap too. Bots, cats, superman etc all can garner more appeal today than humans

Suddenly, the world tells us again, “tomorrow will be better”, while cats, pugs, goats already live a world that understands, “there are dates now.”

Mr Rooster just inherited millions from its parent its Papa Rooster.

Of course, Mr Tiger King will arm himself to kill humans to protect the tigers and become ‘celebrity’ for it. “Tiger King”, another buzz-word, the trigger, a Netflix; and boom another seller. Plus, humans pay up to buy deep into this catty-narrative and suddenly want to ‘save the cats’ all over again.

A ‘George Floyd’? They prefer to record that proceeding from the corner.

And ‘Ahmed Aubrey’? They prefer to pursue him with guns and record it.

For the ‘painted world’ world prefers ‘virtual babies’ instead.

We live in world where humans relegate in their value, generation after generation. This is not a coincidence, neither is it any longer too ironical that as the world is said to advance ‘by their standards’, humans continue to decline in their value.

One can quickly say ‘return value to humans‘, which is a very viable solution but aren’t there entire ‘nations’ in place to disrupt ‘humanity’ (humans & unity), keeping them in disparity?

Are humans celebrated today or do they have to attain bot-hood or cat-hood to be celebrated? Are we leaving the very down-to-earth that pertains us and entering too much into outer-space? Are we shying away from the dust too much in favor of becoming dolls?

Well, do we know anything of what is happening today; anything about the ‘true state of the world or have bought in so deep into the paint.

Perhaps, when we re-look at the world in a bid to ‘see many more things’, we may gain insight into ‘the truest state of the world’. Upon attaining this particular insight, we may begin catering to world issues, with the right tissues.

Many answers lie in the first simplest obviousest solutions. Many at times, we jump onto the nth complexest solutions first. @surpassinggoogle

You are celebrity, for i am your fan.” If you are inclined to doubt this, think thrice, for i am your ‘ultimate true fan’.

According to a ‘legitimate illiterate’, “add some English into the Maths” and it is plain to see; all you need to be considered ‘a celebrity’ is ‘one fan’ at least and you have an ultimate true fan in the person of ‘your boy Terry’.

‘You are celebrity, for i am your fan’ is the basis for the t-shirt below. May you obtain a copy of this shirt, adorn yourself in it, take up the mantle of ‘you are celebrity, for i am your fan’ and pass the message across to every passerby in your way, for ‘humanity is the brother next to you’.

Proceeds from each sale will go towards the setup of a physical hub called ‘Macrohard’ located in the Philippines, for ‘brother programmers’. Read more!

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More About ‘You Are Celebrity, for i am your Fan’.

Here is a video that adds some context to ‘you are celebrity, for i am your fan’ (in relation to world-adjustment):

The ulog-quote ‘you are celebrity, for i am your fan’ is derived from the curriculum of ‘legitimate illiteracy.

Legitimate Illiteracy intends to reveal the ‘rare intel’ contained in the no-books as derived from the down-to-earth spaces of mama earth. This knowledge is tangible to the collective human evolution. 

Well, to abate the rarity in the ‘great men’ industry, there needs to be a revelation of ‘the no-books’ to compliment what has been written of ‘the books’. By this means, knowledge becomes ‘whole’ (balanced), better formulated for ‘human evolution’ and this is where ‘legitimate illiteracy’ comes in.

Having looked at the true state of the world in the eyes of a ‘legitimate illiterate’, i set in motion to create an entire enterprise or innovation called ‘Ulogs‘ (which will eventually sit on the domain ‘’), in a bid to bring about ‘true celebrity-hood for everyone, once and for all’. While this is an ‘apparently daunting feat’ (even bash-able at) by world-standards, it is equally easy to see that this ‘apparently daunting feat’ is only ‘as difficult to accomplish as 1, 2, 3’.

“Many times, we tend to jump onto the ‘nth complexest solutions’ first. Many times, answers lie in the first simplest obviousest solutions”. @surpassinggoogle

If we have established that the Math equation, ‘True celebrity-hood = True fan-hood = O (where ‘O’ signifies ‘loop’)’ is true; where ‘i add some ‘English’ into the Maths’ and boldly say, “your boy Terry is your ultimate true fan”, a once complex Math equation suddenly becomes ‘non-equation’.

Have we had one innovation today ‘e.g on the entire internet’ that is modeled to ‘celebrate humans’? Will the likes of Facebook, shout you out? Will google rank you as it would ‘Angelina Jolie’ for the search-query ‘pretty’ and just how did this ‘supposedly inanimate internet’ suddenly (systematically) know that you aren’t prettier?

Is there any innovation today in the entire globe that is consciously modeled to incite you to ‘mine/evolve your human’? “TikTok”?

Is there any such innovation that targets ‘breakthrough in human’ as its primary revenue?

How come not?

“You are celebrity, for i am your fan”; speaks of assurance, not of consolation.

It talks of ‘self-sacrifice’, it talks of ‘initiative’, it talks of ‘human’, it talks of ‘bearing a brother’s consequences’, it talks of ‘constancy’, it talks of ‘grind’, it talks of ‘substance’ etc.

Is there any innovation today, modeled to incite the evolution of the aforementioned ‘human virtues’ in humans? Is there any innovation as such, that is modeled to abate ‘the cycle of half-humanism and hand-to-mouthism’?

Well, how come not?

Is it a coincidence thus, that giant innovations like Google, a popular search-engine regards ‘popularity’ as ‘prominent factor’ in determining ‘content relevance’?

And is it a coincidence then, that the internet has stayed static over the course of time, mostly recycled?

If the base of today’s internet is ‘blogs and vlogs’, on an internet where ‘content is king’, is it coincidence then that the internet itself has stopped evolving?

If then we are to base our evolution on the likes of Google, in a world today, where a large portion of our brain is ‘google-based’, can we truly evolve into ‘full-blown humans’ on the basis of ‘this internet that is static’?

To help matters, Ulogs intends to serve the internet with ‘a type of content that is queen’. We will compliment what exists of ‘knowledge’ with ‘ulogs’ now.

The ‘u’ in ulog stands for you.

Filling the internet with ‘fresh pieces of humans’ per day and we can begin to celebrate humans as they start to have their places restored across the internet, one now filled with ‘cats and bots’.

We can re-tell the world of the beauty of humans and stir a revelation of ‘other aspects of human beauty’.

With this additional ‘breed of knowledge’ (excerpts of evolving humans) now filling the web, each human with their very own tapped-identity, the world can have a better basis ‘information-wise’, to evolve collectively via.

As more humans begin to tap into their shine, they begin to be restored back ‘towards their original image’, that that is in the ‘image of the invincible Creator Jehovah’ and isn’t that in itself so powerful?

‘The spirit begins to be tapped into’ too and suddenly the fruitage of spirit ‘like love, joy, peace, long-suffering etc’ and isn’t that just so beautiful?

Pause a bit…

Is it truly that hard for humans to be self-sacrificingly loving towards fellow humans? Then, why is it so hard to find such humans today?

It is not at all hard, we have been trapped! We are faraway into ‘outer-space’ and so away from ‘the down-to-earth’, where ‘humans’ old sway.

Oh, the down-to-earth is filled with dirt?

“Dirt is good; ask the soap-master”. @surpassinggoogle

On a final note: “in a world filled with full-blown humans, money is the smaller things.” @surpassinggoogle

Proceeds from each sale will go towards the setup of a physical hub called ‘Macrohard’ located in the Philippines, for ‘brother programmers’. Read more!

Purchase The ’15 USD’ T-shirt Above

Yes, it is time to carve out our unique identities. Tap into your shine and emit the resulting ‘lights’ that ‘tunnels’ (if they exist) can find ‘lights’ there-in. Not any longer does any have to wait ’till the end of the tunnel’ to find light.

And to you, i say, “there are dates now.”

May today’s ‘legitimate illiteracy’ verse help you peer better into the ‘true state of the world’.

There is more….

I am your ultimate ‘true fan’ and that is a constant. So, the next time you walk the expanse, walk with ‘new airs’. May the expanse halt because you walked into it and your presence filled it.

As for the ‘painted world’, tap into your shine and blur some of its paint with your beauty, that world can see the ‘real world’ better and as a result, find their place in it.

Hahaha, there have been no tunnels. There have been complications! To buttress the existence of tunnels, you are fed with consolations. Hahaha!

The world is still very novice to the truest state of the world. @surpassinggoogle

Yes, let’s bear a brother’s consequence as soon as today. Let’s celebrate humans as soon as today. May each human activity have more testimonial essence today and henceforth because we have used it as an avenue to exert and exercise our human virtues, further tapping into our shine.

May our suffering and that of our parents and others have essence today. May it not have been ‘suffering for fun’.

“Humans are un-ordinary.” @surpassinggoogle

Now, if you are an innovator, the algorithm-maker, a generation-fixer etc, let’s create ‘beautiful disruption’. Let’s cater to each human within the evolution of our enterprise-model. May the primary reward of our innovation be ‘breakthrough in human’.

Note: i have created a digital currency called ‘TEARDROPS‘. It aims to celebrate ‘breakthrough in humans’, for en-route ‘mining the human towards its awesomest version’, there is bound to be many tears, whether happy, sad or un-fell the tears. We will reward each tear!

Again, it has always been only as difficult 1, 2, 3! So, fix the tears with some ‘TEARDROPS’.


May this publication bring some balance to our perception. May it be effective in removing some of the ‘paint’ from the ‘painted world.

Quick note: If you would like me to explain this further, touching on a wider span of scenarios, let’s do a livestream and discuss it. Contact ‘[email protected]’.

Your boy Terry


Let’s Discuss This Further

Did you know that we can fix many challenges as soon as today? I am willing to help.

UloggersTV intends to render assistance to any human with regards to their ‘hassle, aspiration, needs etc’ as early as today.

Do well to subscribe to UloggersTV and turn on notifications and whenever you are ready, say ‘you have ordeal’ or say ‘you are seeking the ever-missing piece of your puzzle on any subject or industry, kindly contact me on ‘[email protected]’ and we will work together within the course of one live-stream (dedicated to you), whereupon i will share my insight as a ‘legitimate illiterate’, share my screen to help you with tangible online resources that can help you further and share the resources that i have, whatever is available. We will find solutions today!

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