Is lockdown the best time to promote Hive ? How to make Hive more popular ?

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Considering,lockdown all around the world due to Covid-19. People were inside their home for many months. Many people already lost their jobs and many started feeling the boredom and depression.

Now as we are familiar with Hive and its magic to do wonder with quality posts and engagement, we keep ourself quite entertained and lively. Those who are not yet know about this platform still keep themselves hooked to Television or Gaming platform.

I was wondering, if this is the right time to pull more users on Hive. It has dual benefit during this lockdown time. Firstly, they get a new way to kill the boredom and Secondly, they get a source of income through reward generation.


What your thought on this ?? And given the oppurtunity how you going to promote Hive?

Stay Home...Stay Safe !!

Namaste @steemflow


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The lockdown helped me to find Hive :)