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My last power down of this first batch happens tomorrow even though it doesn't mean I am totally out yet. I had some left behind so I could still make some whilst the power down went through and has grown more than expected.13 weeks is a long time and you start to see what can be accomplished over 3 months.

I still have Steem waiting to be converted over to Hive though and this is rather tedious right now. Paint drying would be more entertaining than watching what looks like a dog fight between Hive and Steem taking place. It looks like every move is being counter punched back and it is at a stand still. This is like a war with the idiot Sun trying to save face and prop his beloved block chain up. This is everyone showing him they don't like him and are now just f...... him. Amazing how his saying is coming back to bite him.

The conversion is important to me especially as it could be the difference of a few months work. Every Steem I have has taken blood, sweat and serious amounts of time so getting this right is meaningful in more ways than one. The plan is long term so patience and waiting on the gamble is bad enough. Gamble as that is what it is as I believe in my heart of hearts that Hive should be double what it is currently valued at.

There has to be some serious manipulation happening right now with Justin throwing all his loose change and more to keep Steem where it is currently. Would love to know what it has really cost him personally to maintain this price. How much Hive punishment has this coin taken as everyone selling has just added more pressure. We all know who the eventual winner will be as one of them has the community.

Many thought that Steem would be in single digits but somehow it is still there. Makes you wonder where the price would be though if the 23 million that was stolen had hit the exchanges. Lets hope it does as that would mean the ones who had their funds stolen got back what is rightfully theirs. No way on God's earth would he have held back that tidal wave and why he pulled the dirty in the first place.

If Hive suddenly takes off into the distance then so be it as it was worth the gamble as we all win anyway. Anything is still on the table though and have no clue what price I will have to settle for over the coming weeks, my only wish is that whatever happens it happens soon as it is taking forever to play out. Once that happens I can then work on the second batch which I see as the bonus batch as I honestly thought Steem would be nearly worthless already.

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I'm confident Hive is the better platform, but I think Justin is only a puppet similar to what suckaturd is with fakebook. And the backing behind steemit is far bigger than little Justin. So I'm not surprised the price of steem has held - China has deep pockets.


Lol. I also believe that there is something else in play there and there are many backers. They cannot afford for the price to drop as what they have put in already so I do expect the price to go up at some point.

I am starting to think it might be smarter to just pull everything out and then do some delegations. That way you really aren't losing anything if the price does tank. I think I might look into that. It has been interesting seeing everything play out.