Srey-Yuu & The Hive Blockchain's Suriname Television Debut 📺 Behind The Scenes - Part 2

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I've finished editing the last clips from Hive's Suriname national TV debut via the @KidSisters, official video out soon.

Behind The Scenes - Part 2


     Okay, so the official YouTube video has already been uploaded by Jeugdjournaal, but I wanted to get the last of the behind-the-scenes footage out before we debut the video on the blockchain.

     The Hive blockchain couldn't have asked for better marketing than to be aired Friday night on a national television station during country-wide lockdown.

     Even the girl next door immediately recognized Srey-Yuu from the tv program only the morning after it aired.

     We haven't been out in public yet as a family, but we are easily identifiable here as the Cambodian family with the turban-clad ginger Rasta.

     Thanks again to and STVS (Surinaamse Televisie Stichting) for featuing Srey-Yuu and the @KidSisters blog on "10 Minuten Jeugdjournaal" (10 Minute Youth Journal).

The official YouTube video is coming soon, just need some help translating some of the Dutch. Stay tuned...


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She made very well!

Excellent Hive exposure and neat highlight from across the globe!

Right on.

Only a shame we're such a small country disconnected from the rest of the world geographically and linguistically, otherwise this national television appearance could've been a bit of an international big deal for Hive. Unfortunately, Suriname news stays in Suriname.


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You look very professional and intelligent well done wishing all the best keep the great work up 👍

She is really becoming a confident young lady, so proud of her, and I can't believe how good her English is now.


The great thing about kids they pick up things so quick 😊

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Well video

Thanks @akhyar23.