Chapter 6 - The Cell Phone Towers Fall

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My favorite books to read are young adult dystopias.

Hunger Games, The Testing, Gone, The Giver are all part of the family favorites.

Ever since the Covid Drama started my daughter has been insisting that this is a dystopia prequel, and we are living chapter by chapter.

Chapter 1: We are driving to school discussing how 30,000 cases of covid in China are not such a big deal. We make the setting of what "normal" life is like.

Chapter 2: The Shelter in Place Starts in California. People are scared, we start grocery shopping more strategically, businesses close. Masks become norm.

Chapter 3: Black Lives Matter, Riots Break out throughout the world.

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Chapter 4: Economic Disaster can no longer be held at bay, businesses start to re-open. We drive through downtown Alameda and see business after business boarded up and closed forever.

Chapter 5: Covid comes home. First hand encounter with Covid. A family member gets sick. Prayer circles start to become personal. Giving birth in a hospital with minimal staff and no visitors.

Chapter 6: The Cell Phone Towers give out.

It is a little scary how we are already into chapter 6 and the story has been unfolding before our eyes.

It happened today, T-Mobil towers went out of service and 86 million people were left without service. My parents, grandparents, sister in law, aunties and uncles were all left without service.

The towers are back up, but I can't help to be a little paranoid.

What's coming next? How far will this economic collapse go.

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The T-mobile/Sprint merger is sad. Huge companies get huger while the people go stir crazy.

The site Down Detector has info about the down towers.

It sure did cause some complication for my parents today. Not only were they without communication all day (which is scary when you have sick family members and are older) but they were fighting because my mom thought my dad didn't pay the bills (that part was kind of funny).