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It's been a while since I wanted to share some of my thoughts regarding Hive as a whole but I guess I was waiting for the right time to do so. Well, I think that this is the right time...

When it comes to Hive, the first thing that comes on my mind is that it's a "team sport".

If things go well, they go well for everyone. Not just for whales or dolphins etc, but for everyone. You get that, right?

High daily activity incentivizes big stake holders to spread their voting power on a wider range rather than keep supporting the same authors over and over again.

That's the reason they keep powering up. That's the reason I am powering up as well. I hardly have time to post a couple of times per week at the moment yet I keep powering up my account because I strongly believe that we can make a difference. Because I see Hive as a revolutionary project and not one of the same...

And I would have powered up about 50K more HIVE today. The only reason I didn't do so is because of some digging I was doing all day long.

What I really don't understand is why there are so many "small" accounts who have found support and doing just fine either because bots / big accounts curate their content - author rewards wise - keep powering down their accounts and send every last penny to the exchanges.

There are hundreds of them and 90%+ of them have less than 1500 HP...

Now you may be wondering who am I to judge what will people do with their tokens...

I am not here to judge. Just to open your eyes...

In case you didn't notice the price of Hive is almost the same with Steem's...Ya that shithole from where people were robbed...That Steem... a couple of cents up or down makes no difference.


Back in the day, we used to put the blame on Steemit Inc. They used to sell enormous amounts of Steem to cover their expenses and there was no chance for the price to recover with such selling pressure...

Same thing is happening now...only there's no Steemit.Inc to blame. So, who should we put the blame on this time?

To witnesses? To me? To whales? To Bitcoin?

The vast majority of users have migrated from Steem to Hive so the blame is on US and us only. And more specifically to the ones that keep killing those few $$ they make through blogging. There are hundreds...and there's the same selling pressure...

Now that your Steem power downs are over, are you buying Hive? No? Why?

I you want Hive to perform according to its potential you've got to do your part too...And killing your rewards to buy a new camera or some random shit while at the same time our account is cruising from redfish to minnow back and forth ain't helping...

Have you checked @penguinpablo's posts? The only day that power ups outperformed powerdowns was a few days ago and only because @blocktrades vested 200K Hive. Ya one of the most powerful active accounts around here keeps powering up.

What's your damn excuse?

And before you talk about how BTC is dragging all coins down due to its poor performance lately, o check how some of the big names of the crypto sphere like ETH, DASH,XMR etc are doing...they are not crashing at all...as a matter of fact they are doing just fine...so why not Hive as well?

It's up to us...but we need to change our mentality first.

I love everything about Hive, even the flaws that trigger community members to come up with solutions so that this project can thrive.

But you got to understand that higher price will definitely attract more eyeballs on Hive.

Isn't that what we want?

Make no mistake, Hive ain't 4 months old...but 4 years old.

Choose wisely because we might end up holding loaded bags with Hive priced at 3 cents or half or even less of it while Hive is priced at $2...$5...$20...

Choose wisely, because the next bull run might be right around the corner...

Have a good one and go power up some Hive ffs...



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Well, look at this way: reward pool is just a way of token distribution. Now we need to find some clever mechanism to give the token an actual value.

I know you've been writing about stable coin on Hive but we also need use case for this one. But we'll get there :)

I really do hope so bud.

Some might be a good use case like:

A defi with interest on top of the inflation
A utility for dex ran by witnesses

It is also one of my concerns. I have started powering up what I can set aside for another account. I have come to realize that a large part of Hive users rely on it for income, especially now that the world is a bit off.

I think those of us able to buy more are outnumbered by those who need to sell to make ends meet. I assume that is the case because it doesn't make sense to sell when it will reduce your earning capability, unless you are in dire need.

For now, I'm powering up what I can.

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It would make sense to sell a bit here and there if price was rising. But at 20 cents?

How long you think it’s going to take before price tanks?

Good to see you powering up mate.

I remember the days when STEEM was $0.11, so I can believe that the price can tank. However, I am more optimistic this time around. Hive has more of a positive energy than Steem had. I hesitated to buy Steem when it was at all time lows. I think I would be less hesitant with Hive. There's no way for me to know if it is only me, or if it is a general sentiment shared by others.

I know for a fact that this covid thing has played havoc in the markets and many people including us had to take a part powerdown to survive.
I couldn't for instance swop my steem downloads (not much) for Hive as was my original intention and was even forced to take one Hive powerdown.
Not for my own pocket, but for the charity.

The powerdown was first time in the 3 years that I am here.

Hopefully things will stabilize now and we can get back on track!

This is an entirely different thing. I am talking about people who are constantly powering down and killing their rewards for their own reasons

Yeah and I agree totally with you, but I just had to show one of the other reasons.
We have many spendthrifts on here that don't care about building Hive and I also think the everyone should play their part.

We are also in the process of giving back to the Hive rewards pool and I don't know if you have seen what we are doing with the @combination account?

i think a lot of people in here are from third world or generally poor countries and have hive as part of their income. Add the covid-19 events and here is the answer! Now we can say whatever we want and i too powered up from steemit but when people have viability issues, that will be their priority i guess

I'm doing my small part, and nearby to reach 15k Hive!

Good job buddy

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I used to think like you but in the end people will do what they want with their money and it's their money and we have and should have no say.

It's up to the devs and whales to actually give motivesand reasons for people to hold and power up. Or at least not power down their author rewards, lol.

For now, the only reason to do that is to tip your friends and authors you enjoy. 4 years have proven that this is simply not enough.


I haven't moved a single Hive from this acc and will not anytime soon. I do however think, that more utility added to the token as a functional unit is a must in case we wanna see some big changes. Wouldn't be a bad idea to make a contest in which regular, nontech people can share their view on how can we improve that

In order for people to want to power up you have to have a sense of FOMO, that Hive is going to be successful and those who are powered up are earning... curation rewards, and interest as well as rewards.

I think the focus is still very internal. When new users are onboarding and excited.. Not only will they power up but others will come to sell, trade, speak to them.

It's all about gaining and keeping users.

Cool post and I agree the only way to grow is to keep the funds in hive. As a small account trying it's hardest to grow I am sometimes baffled by the large rewards some get for mediocre posts, some days i'll receive 500 votes for a post that iv'e spent hours writing to get very little in return, yet a pretty girl pouting for the camera will get 12 votes but large rewards from a whale.

Now i'm not saying I deserve more but this isn't instagram, the whole idea is to reward creative content not some one you want to do some bump and grind with. Narcissists are generally short term thinkers thriving on this kind of attention but will they be around in the future adding quality to this platform? i'm not so sure.

How we get people to stick with the program is a question for more technical minds, my hope is that some better incentives to keep funds in the hive come along, what and how they would work I can't answer.

No need for everyone on the web to know our "problems"

No Twitter this time ;)

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Similar post in a different jacket?
Good job.
Everyone here (powering down) should be aware of what they're doing is by no means helping Hive to grow.

Ya, kinda inspired me the other day.

Ain’t talking much lately but some things need to be said.

Indeed. It was bothering/annoying me quite a bit also.

What I really don't understand is why there are so many "small" accounts who have found support and doing just fine either because bots / big accounts curate their content - author rewards wise - keep powering down their accounts and send every last penny to the exchanges.
There are hundreds of them and 90%+ of them have less than 1500 HP...

Where did you find this info?

I kept digging on my own. Random wallets