Three Years on One Blockchain or Another

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Three years on one blockchain or another 😁.

It's been fun, I've learned lots and met some interesting people. In September I start a University digital currencies module and at the end, if I'm any good, I get a digital certificate on the Bitcoin blockchain. I'm not sure how that is going to work, but we'll see when we get there.

The course looks interesting - 12 weeks covering:
01: A brief history of money
02: The Byzantine General's Problem
03: Basics of cryptocurrancy
04: Bitcoin in practice: part 1 - Bitcoin Core, wallets
05: Bitcoin in practice: part 2 - transactions, mining
06: Alternative uses of the blockchain
07: Alternatives to Bitcoin
08: Cryptocurrency and Central Banking
09: Cryptocurrency and financial institutions
10: Regulatory and tax treatment
11: Cryptocurrency and innovation
12: Cryptocurrency and the developing world

We've been consulted about another EU-supported project, DLT4ALL, which aims to make learning about blockchain and distributed ledger technologies easy:

While DLT and Blockchain can have significant economic and social impact, many European entrepreneurs, angel investors and incubator managers are still not aware of the potential benefits the adoption of these technologies can offer in terms of growth and innovation. (Source)

There was a lot of focus on Ethereum, which was to be expected, I suppose. I suggested that they might like to have a wider brief and help participants think about the criteria for selecting any given blockchain and asked whether they had they come across Hive? Conveniently, @blocktrades published this timely post about Hive's future as a 2nd layer blockchain network, so I was able to link to that.

I dropped in on the Global Digital Finance conference on 8th July (videos here). The main thing that stuck with me was Tom Mutton, Director of FinTech at the Bank of England making the point that a lot of people in the UK are dependent on cash and he didn't see it disappearing anytime soon. I'd go further than that and say there's a whole cash economy that operates outside the state machinery in addition to those people who have very few other choices.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) from GDF on Vimeo.

Elsewhere, I've read that about 3% of the UK population own crypto and another 7% have said they would consider buying it in the future. It feels a little weird to be so far ahead of the curve but it does help to illustrate how very early stage this technology is in some parts of the world - even the UK government's approach is that adoption is too low to warrant any regulation.

Personally, I like the way the narrative for Hive is changing, with a greater emphasis on reward for audience participation (consuming) and building a share in the ownership of the platform; and I love the opportunities afforded by communities and 2nd layer decentralised applications.

Time of Change

Lots has been going on in the world, most notably the global COVID-19 pandemic and its attendant miseries. In the blockchain world, we went for a hard fork and a band set off on our Hive journey.

Meanwhile, I've had my own year of change. I wrote about my health goals at the beginning of the year, after a trying 2019. Things are much better now: on Wednesday, I was told I am "very healthy". I asked them to say it twice. I was offered some lifestyle help to continue to build immunity and resilience and I started that yesterday.

We've had two bereavements, neither pandemic related: one a tragic early death in a road traffic accident; the other the end of a good life, long and well-lived, with a peaceful, pain-free slipping away in sleep death, loved son close by. We are still coming to terms with both, and still, there seems to be an inordinate amount of paperwork to get through.

I looked back to last year's anniversary post which I used for a little bit of my story and, of course, just a month ago, I became an Orca. My main interests on Hive now are about contributing to promising new projects. I continue to support @needleworkmonday and @spinvest, and delegate to various initiatives that support new and smaller accounts, as well as @steemflagrewards.

I've been doing a lot of background research for a proposal for investment in The Ink Well as a potential alternative income source for readers and writers. I've already published a post about the creative industries and publishing, I've another post in preparation about the writer economy, and a third one about suggestions for tools and facilities within communities to help develop them. I was really heartened by this post about Harnessing the Power of Hive by @ericvancewalton. I shall be quoting from it a lot 😁.

It is really good to see UK meetups starting to happen: @nathanmars is BUIDL-ing the London community - I hope to get there soon; and @c0ff33a is organising one later in the year in Halifax - which I feel quite excited about. Anyone can organise a meetup - just find a venue (pub, coffee shop, picnic area) and let people know about it.

So, times are changing - life on Hive is ever-reiterating. Here's to the next year.


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Congratulations! Mine is in December. I can't believe how young this platform still is. Seems like forever since I made my first post on here or there.

about 3% of the UK population own crypto

That's surprisingly a lot actually. I would have expected it to be lower. A lot of people know about crypto, but to actually own crypto, I wouldn't have thought many people here would be up for that. People are quite cynical here.

Also, congrats on your health! I have a bit of work to do before I get where I want to be. I've got some goals I'm working on in that regard.

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Thank you - I must learn about gifs :)

It is weird, the time thing, isn't it? It feels like an age and, at the same time, no time at all. I've read elsewhere that estimates are as high as 6%, but that was based on an internet survey of 1,000 people, so quite a big margin for error.

I am constantly impressed by the health care I receive - even in the middle of the current chaos, I was called in for a review and offered support to make further improvements, if I wanted to. Now I'm stable, I'm really pleased that I can start working on strength building etc again.

Good luck with your own health goals!


Happy Anniversary! 🎂🎈🎉🍾
I'm sorry to hear about your health problems and the losses.
I wish you all the best and good luck with your projects. Let me know if I can help in any way 😊

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Thank you - health is much better, now, thanks :)


I'm really glad to hear that 🤗

Well happy anniversary,

That course looks interesting, although I'd skip lesson 10 - much better to just bury your head in the sand on that one!

Looks like it's been a good year, going from strength to strength now, hopefully in many in different ways!

@tipu curate

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I'd skip lesson 10 - much better to just bury your head in the sand on that one!

I know 😁. Luckily, it's multiple choice assessment so a 25% chance of being right anyway.

Hive constantly amazes me with the twists and turns, it's so interesting.


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Happy Anniversary!

This year can just about get in the sea! I'm really not sure what the future brings for us in the current situation as the job hunting continues.

Sorry to hear about your losses and about the ongoing health challenges. Fingers crossed you can maintain a balance of managing the latter.

The course syllabus looks to be interesting.

Thank you 😍
I must try and get across to the Norfolk coast when the lockdown here eases, I visited last summer but not since - it's years since I've been in the sea! Hope the jobhunting is successful, do you think you will have to travel a lot?

I was surprised how much the health issues have settled, one of the benefits of having a review is to be able to realise that. Things are progressing well, and I'm looking forward to being able to take advantage of that.

The course syllabus looks to be interesting.

It would be quite good fun if we had a study group on Hive. It's all free, although they try very hard to sell you their MSc.


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Happy steem-hive birthday!

Thank you - I was thinking about you yesterday, because I pulled out the 5k running programme that @cstrimel put together. At last, I am stable enough to start the strength building work again.

Hope all is well with you and your family.


Well done!!! We are all fine despite the situation at Barcelona these days is worsening...a 2nd lockdown seems approaching

Yes, I read that. I hope you continue to be okay.

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Happy Birthday :)

I was told I am "very healthy"

Health is super important

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Hello @nathanmars, thank you for connecting - I missed you at Steemfest3.

Health is critical!

Look forward to meeting you in person before too long.


We'll meet in person very soon :)

Happy Hive anniversary!

I would like to be a part of a UK meet-up and hope to see you there. There was not enough time to chat at length with everyone at the last Fest!

Thanks for the link to the crypto course, I shall look into that further.

And, well done on improving your health!

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Thank you :)

I would like to be a part of a UK meet-up

It's starting to get really exciting (well, I'm excited :P).

There are masses of resources for the course, I've had access to so much already and it's free!

Hope to see you soon, enjoy your holiday :)


(Someone asked me about the ENGAGE tokens yesterday which was great.)


Yes these ENGAGE tokens are moving around the Hive, it's nice to see :)

Happy third anniversary @shanibeer! Cheers to meeting your health goals. This has been such a tough year in so many ways but at least it has given us is the time to focus on self-care.

Here's to many more years of enjoyment on the blockchain!

And to you!
I also enjoyed your post about nomadic van-living but although I marvel at the ingenuity of some of these designs, I'm not sure I could manage the necessary level of tidyness required for peace of mind 😁


Thank you! The engineering of some of these camper vans is amazing and really gets the mind spinning. I'm not sure if I would be able to handle this level of minimalism either but there's only one way to find out. ; )

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THank you @hivebuzz, good to see you :)

Happy Hive Birthday @shanibeer

You're welcome @shanibeer
BTW, it would be very appreciated if you could support our proposal so we can keep up the good work!

Pleased to :)
Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Thank you for your support @shanibeer, really appreciated!

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Happy third blockchainversary! The crypto course sounds very cool.
My condolences on your losses. A friend of mine has lost four loved ones to covid, but thankfully even though I know people who got it, I haven't known any deaths from that either. I can't imagine having to deal with bureaucracy and paperwork whilst grieving! Our modern system is just mad. :(
Hooray on yourself being very healthy! <3

Thank you 😍 The course is free and global, if you want to try it.
Thank you for the condolences, too, so much to get used to. I feel a bit lightheaded sometimes, like I don't know what's going on.

Hooray on yourself being very healthy! <3

A very nice surprise, and it helps creates a positive cycle: I've woke up smiling three mornings in a row 😁 hope you are doing well x