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The winners and losers of living in a decentralized community

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There is (was) a decent mix of community witnesses (@ocd, @steempeak, @curie etc) and developer witness (@gtg, @themarkymark, @blocktrades, @therealwolf etc).

Not all coders are social animals, not all social witnesses can code.

As I see it, if one is going to invest into something, they best do their due diligence and have an understanding of what they are looking to hold.

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I have only ever invested time into steem... earned all that I have.... & it was time I was already spwnding elsewhere. Many people, like me, dont come to steem as an investment. It's a tool only, for many.

Then, there is no need to do anything else. Just post wherever you post and don't worry about any of the economics of it. But if you want to earn, it is likely you will need to learn more about the system as it is part of the core value proposition of Steem. There are plenty of content delivery platforms that are willing for people to post there without the possibility to pay them anything - that isn't Steem.

I understand that. The uniqueness of steem - the decentralized & uncensored parts - are not found elsewhere where there is also an audience. I already have my own websites. Im explaining why so many dont use their witness votes, & that there's a lot simple, regular explaing needing to be done - by everone - about witnesses. They protect the integrity of the tool.