My thoughts on the next Hive vs. Steem conflict

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Steem announced the new HF, Splinterlands moves to Hive - new round of useless war between blockchains?

Honestly I fear it will clash again - while I fully support Hive versus all that happened on Steem in the last months I would like to hint AGAIN towards one thing no one here seems to be interested in!

Blockchains need to unite for the sake of mass adoption

You know why blockchain and crypto is never reaching the masses?

  • The complex tech behind is one reason;
  • The fake news from mainstream media steered by certain institutions is another major one;
  • But the most stupid and relevant issue is that every bloddy blockchain fights each other!

It is human that an investor will not give a damn mainly as they want their investment to succeed on a shirt-termed basis, the overall long-termed value of this invest and the entire blockchain hence needs a united approach of all these small niche chains - anyone in disagreement?

Keep it civil folks tomorrow and afterwards

Steem seems to nullify certain Hive accounts with bullshit reasons. Logically some of the affected Hive leaders are (of course) driving a campaign against this nullfying hard fork from Steem. After the hostile take over by JS of Steem there was a good momentum for the concept of both chains, we had coverage - an ideal timing to explain the benefits and the innovative, visionary technology behind the concept, the idea - NOT one chain. We even had the CEO of Ethereum jumping in the public discussion, we had the creator of Steem commenting in a positive way (the guy who now drives EOS).

Controversial discussions are good, if they happens in a civil way without racism for example. I really hope both chains and their leaders will find a way to make sure the blockchain concept behind Steem / Hive / EOS which is called delegated proof of stake (DPoS).

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I think people just need to relax. You really don't even have to pick a side. Post wherever you're comfortable posting. I personally chose HIVE and I'm sticking with that decision till the end. I wish no ill will on Steemit, they showed their true colors and I've walked away. The Dood's a HIVE man now :)

The Dude abides.

After reading about this hard fork and how people are losing their STEEM, not sure I feel the same way anymore. This is a terrible situation. I'm really glad I'm out now.

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I Totally agree, as an investor, those tensions between two "identical" chains are creating discomfort in investing in one of them (long term). Hopefully DPoS chains will learn from those frailties to prevent such scenarios in the future.

Best wishes,

"Useless" war... A lot to that.
Yeah, team up or calmly walk away if possible.
Be well.

The war is getting real, but the problem is once the new chain is formed, the hivers didi not wanted anything except bringing back the steem to Hive. But nullifying the accounts seems to be a big step and we can say that no one wants a centralized system in the block chain.

I agree with you on this, there are to much politics in this, specifically in Hive vs Steem.

I did not get my Hive airdrop, now they say it was a mistake I should have gotten it. Now I am on a new list again, where, I have voted for at witness on Steem running the incorrect version. (According to me I only voted for old original Steem witnesses). Now this also affects my hive.!! I have a good reputation (Never even used a votebot to get it) and posts almost daily, vote on posts, leave comments, but I am treated like this. I always thought that Steem and Hive stands for free speach / choice, no censor ship, but they just interfere in everything, if you don't do as they wish, you don't count!! @hiveio

Absolutely right! So thats why we need interplanetary ecosystem solution!

The community in hole decides, not the leader alone. But there is always a guy or a group who wants to have the biggest P on market!

Thats why we work on interoperable platform interfaces! The user wants peaceful unenoying usage, because we all want benefits

I wonder why this war is going on... After all, there is space for both places.

In theory yes - could work without all the drama of blacklists, airdrops, stealing funds, hacking, accusations etc - hoping for peace soon

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