Businesses to Invest Time and Money into during this Recession

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By now everyone has felt the impact of covid-19 either in a positive or in a negative way, we also do know that the covid-19 pandemic was not the first to hit the world as there have been regular pandemic that has caused serious problem to the world. Subsequent pandemic has shown that people lose their jobs, people become hungry and homeless, people become totally unstable but there are also people who rise to become rich and influential after the pandemic.

We do not have the power to stop the pandemic, I feel we should not only look at being survivors of the pandemic, we should also look out for ways to become one of the people who will become stronger as there is always news of people come out of the pandemic stronger.

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Every crises that has come and had gone has left an impact in the way things are done in one way or the other, the great depression was said to change the model of employment, news also has it that Alibaba has become a winning retail store has a result of the effect of a pandemic, we already know that covid-19 is going to change certain business model as most tech companies are already considering having their staff work from home.

There are certain areas we should consider to boom right after the pandemic is over, I might miss out on some details but these areas really look promising:

###Online Marketing
Since there is lockdown everywhere, companies are not really making use of marketing options but just after the pandemic is over there will be a great rise in the need for digital marketing as companies will want to get new innovations on reaching out to their customers.


Stock Market

The stock market also seem to be down currently, people are selling off their asset in order to survive and this means the drop in price of assets and stock, it seem like the perfect time to take advantage of the drop in price but adequate care also needs to be put in place because after the pandemic some companies will completely go down while others will boom, a careful consideration neds to be done while considering this options.


Online Coaching

Even if the economy is fully re-opened today, not every parent will immediately allow their kids to get back to school, so many parents are already getting comfortable with online school, if you can position yourself as an online teacher or mentor, and it will be good. I really feel the world is getting digital and things are changing, it will be good if we learn to change with it.


Online Sales

E-commerce is an option to consider, before the pandemic people might not really trust the system but the game is different now and a lot of people have had to consider buying things online during the lockdown, considering the benefit that comes with online shopping a lot of people might just stick with the option of buying online even after the pandemic is over.

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I have been thinking about investing in online coaching. However, there are many other ways of investing in online coaching other than just teaching online.

E-commerce also looks all set for huge growth.

It's good points that you highlight @ajewa
I think that coaching is an area that is on the rise and has been booming for a few years now and with all this current reality it has become even stronger.
You highlight important things in each one.
The stock market will always be profitable for some and not for others, beyond knowing about it, I think you have to be very careful.
More so at this time.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.