What To Do With Your Hive Power [HP] / Hive. 🧠

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Hi there to all hive member , I hope you all doing great and having fun in your life enjoying a lot with your loved ones.

Today my post will be about What To Do With Your Hive Power [HP] / Hive. 🧠 🧠

As we all are well aware of HP, what all this is and what we can do with this here in Hive. In my starting days I have also face a lots of problem with the Hive power and The Resource Credits.

There are many more basic things that you will need to learn if you are new here
Read this FAQ you will know everything this is only for all the Beginner's here.

Now lets stick to the Topic that is How To Use Your Hive Power

most of us now are well aware of all the things here but this post is not for the experts.

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I have seen that many of the accounts are just paused but they still have a good HP , Hive and HBD in there account I don't know why but they are doing this kind things with there accounts.

There are many things to do with you Hive Power if you are not blogging or maybe not quite active this will be helpful for all of us around here as per my thoughts.

Things to do-:


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By delegating your Hive Power you can earn a passive income from hive platform, this the best way to earn if you are active or not it will give a regular income in hive or tokens it all depends on where you have delegated your Hive Power.
carefully delegate your Hive power the more you invest the more you will get in return never place all the eggs in the same basket.



This is an another amazing way to use your hive power and earn hive in return
Lease is an open the gateway to earning steady passive income, utilizing the first of its kind token leasing app to earn constant daily returns.*
You can visit the Lease website and see the Available Leases in the list and then you can lease it and earn daily hive as per your leased Hive power.

FAQ of lease

Curation Trails


This is third way to use your hive power this is another way to earn Hive power by follow Curation Trails from the list by visiting the website . There are many active curation trails you can follow anyone of them with you wish to follow and set your voting power for the curation trails.
This will help you to earn you a regular Hive Power as per your Hive Power.

FAQ of Curation Trails

Hive Engine


This is the Forth way to earn hive or Tokens By selling and buying tokens form the Hive Engine. There are many token there in Hive Engine you can visit and see by yourself and invest some hive or earn some from the tokens you have eared from tags you use in your post. I will make a new post that will clear all the tokens and how you can earn them without buying.

FAQ for Hive-engine

Thanks a lot for being here I hope you find something new here, let me know what you think about this post.


Thanks & Regards
-----Together we will make this a better place-----

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This is very useful information for the entry user level and even if I am not one I can appreciate listing DLease through the options from here. Even if you might lock your HP for a longer time considering the period, getting more than 20% is not so bad. Great enumeration of the use of HP.

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Thanks a lot for you feedback @behiver.
I am glad that you find this informative post. the truth is I have never used the dlease yet but I am going to try it sooner when I will increase my HP.

Good post!
What is actually the difference between delegating and leasing Hive?
It looks pretty much the same to me.

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No @friendlymoose they are not same.
In Dlease the return is fixed you will see that when you lease your HP.
But delegation is quite different from that I will give a different rerun as per there daily curation rewards. I hope you understand let me know if you need more help related to this.

Ok, thank you for explaining this.

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no problem let me know if you need anything else. 😀🙏

I don't always have the time to do manual curation and delegating some LP might be an option.
Is there a central place or a post where I can find more information about delegations?
How do you earn with delegations? Do you get a percentage of the curation reward of the person you delegate your LP to?

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Ya delegation is different as per the curation trail you follow, there are many active curation trails you can see that by visting the website and I will try to find if I will find something about this.
Thanks a lot

I'm not following any curation trail. Is there an overview of curation trails somewhere? It's a bit difficult to find where to start :D

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you can visit this following links this will help you understand how this all works and how to do
all the things.

link 1
Link 2

I hope this will help you let me what you think.

Ok wait I will let you know after few hours actually I am at office. i hope you will understand that

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You can delegate to leo.voter and get daily rewards in Leo tokens.

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oh that's great @oldtimer , didn't know about that yet I will try this sooner next month.

Those are some nice tips for effective usage of HP... There are a lot of projects out there where you can delegate and get over 15-16% ROI... as someone from the comments said, delegating to @leo.voter, or @ctpsb if you want CTP tokens, or, @thisisawesome, etc... There are a lot of possibilities...

Thanks for sharing these options!

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Thanks a lot @ph1102 for your feedback.
yes there are many that's why I haven't named anyone here 😋

Thanks a lot for the updates I will follow your advice soon 😁🙏

Hello @bhattg

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@project.hope team,

Thanks a lot for your support @project.hope

Thank for Sharing!
This post will be very useful for who want to get Passive Income.

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Thanks a lot @tin.aung.soe your feedback,
I am glad if you find this post informative.

I notice a bout curation trail and wanna join. I try to log in on hive.vote many times but failed 😳 Can't fix the problem and dont really know why..!!

oh that's sad have followed some Curation Trail by this link .
You should try once more with this link. Maybe this time this will work.

Let me know if you need any help.

I think I do need your help, I can't still register... Can I have your discord, pls?

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ok no problem I will help you, This is my user name is Bhattg#5557 on discord see you there

Sorry for late reply. I have just managed to figure it out. Thanks and much appreciated it. Have a great weekend. ❤️

No don't be sorry at all. I am glad that you made that possible by your self. 😁🙏

That's very useful. Thank you for your info 😍

Its my pleasure @trangbaby if this was helpful for you.