Active listening: A sure skill to win customers

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In every conversation, there are two parties involved: We have the speaker and we also have the listener. The speaker is the person who is the bearer of an information and he is disseminating it to the other party.

The listener is the other party involved in a conversation, the listener receives the information disseminated. This implies that, one party is receiving information while the other party is giving out information.

Now a quick question, who do you think is in charge of the communication?


The listener is the one who has more advantage in the communication process, the silent listener has more power to direct the entire communication to a direction of pleasure, gaining more knowledge from the speaker and turning it into an active knowledge, is a way to boost the intelligence of the listener.

As a business person, it is wrong to try to always talk more than your customers, as a good listener you have more room to win the argument, so cultivate the habit of listening to your customers whenever they have something to say. If you are having an issue with cultivating the habit of proper listening, I will drop some guidelines to keep you in shape and help you understand how to become a better and active listener.


Becoming an Active Listener in Business.

It is wrong to force people to agree to your term, there are several other ways to make people agree to what you have to say without being violent or insulting. No matter how frustrating the entire situation gets, you need to stay calm and listen attentively to what the speaker who is your customer needs to say.

In order to foster your listening ability, ask the speaker for detailed information, refrain from asking questions that can be answered with simple phrases like ‘Yes or No’. Ask questions that will produce a result that will make the speaker (your customer) talk at length with you, this way you will derive necessary information.

As an active listener, you have to be able to control your emotions properly and that includes that you do not speak until you have dissected the information obtained from the speaker and you have the appropriate reply to give. The fact that you are improving on your listening skill, does not mean you have to grant every request, follow every order or acknowledge everything, you have to discern properly before taking necessary steps.

Advantages of Active listening in Business.

A good entrepreneurial listener, will produce a better organizational skill and provide a nice work environment for staff.

The business experiences better and strategic development just because the boss tries to pay more attention to listening, employees know more than disrespecting any other customer.

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