Helpful financial habits for entrepreneurs

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Learning how to grow and control our finance as an entrepreneur is one way to have a happy and a growth filled business. Every business enterprise must be able record growth at every stage and having a clear financial record is a good way to achieve that.
It is tempting to spend money the way you see them especially when you are the point where your business begins to pay off, but that is the best time to begin to watch out for the way money is spent or you will spend everything you have in your business before you realize what is going on.


Helpful tips to watch spending habits.

• Have a zero budget: A zero budget is a budget method that makes you keep record of every money that comes into your account, this budget helps you calculate what you have coming in either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and everything you spend money on either it is medical bills, charity or investments, this method will help you have a clarification on what exactly your money is going into.

I often hear people complain about not knowing how they spend their money, this budget method helps you discover what exactly you had your money spent on and areas where you spent a little too extra cash and you should watch out for next income.

• If you really want to control your spending habit as an entrepreneur, the best way to achieve it is by reading good books, books that describe how you should spend organize your finance should never be placed far away from you, inspire to always gain more knowledge about how your finance should be controlled.

• The point when your business begins to pay off is when you need good friends around, we all know how powerful the advice of friends are over us and sometimes even when we decide to spend smartly some friends may make us act otherwise, when your business begins to generate much profit is when you should get friends who will motivate you to be a better version of yourself and not those who will help you lavish your resources.

• There are certain investment options that do not get taxed, if you are looking for a place to secure your funds, you should really check out investment opportunities that do not come with getting taxed and these are the ones you should settle for.

• Apart from the continuous investment made into your business, you should also look for other lucrative business you can put extra cash into that could fetch you good returns.

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@eni-ola it's very important to keep proper records of all the monies that enters into the account for proper planning. Some entrepreneurs believe the money will always come and no need to take the records.

Hello @eni-ola I think we should all be educated in finance, economy, in short, these issues are important when having any business, financial intelligence is key to cope with all our expenses, income, control our profits so we do not go crazy with certain amounts of money. As you say, create habits, habits are good in any aspect of our lives.

I think this post is somehow for me. As an entrepreneur, you don't just spend anyhow if not your capital will collapse anyhow

@tipu curate

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Pretty simple post with a lot of knowledge.
Also entrepreneurs should learn about about taxes as this will help them remove some unnecessary expenses.
According to Robert kiyosaki, he says an intelligent man hires people that are more intelligent than him. Nice post @eni-ola