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There is a great climatic change happening around the world very fast and this climatic change is causing a serious change in the way our crops respond to growth, scientists are trying their best to consider how we will have crops surviving the climatic change of the future and according to them if the future is not properly prepared for at the moment, we are going to have so many things to deal with which will be an unprepared race by the time we get there.


A very big robot has been created and this robot is working with the team as part of the research purpose, the robot has scanners and camera’s that takes pictures of individual plants taking note of the shape, height, colour and size, this will help scientists make further research on how well this particular plant will be able to survive in a type of climatic condition and what can be done to ensure it survives despite a harsh weather condition.

The robot used on the farm land has several camera’s as well as sensors, every image captured by the robot will be sent to the system of those carrying out the research project, as they analyse the individual data they also make use of machine language to convert all those different images and bring them together. The image is studied by the scientists who then inputs them into a data form and it becomes easy to understand what type of plant will grow in a certain area and for those plants that might not easily grow in that area, what can be done to make the plants grow.

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The robot is doing a great job in capturing how well the plants are doing, but a human effort is also highly required the plants sometimes requires some form of touching, feeling and sensing, so one of the researchers splits his time between computing the result shown by the robot and walking around the farm to understand the farm produce.

The scientists are looking at a long-term way of making this huge machine (robot) into a portable device that a lot of simple farmers will be able to have on their farms and with that it will be really easy to determine areas where certain cash crops will be able to do well and areas that needs to be improved upon for a certain crop to survive.

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Hello friend precision agriculture is what is being worked on today, there are many devices such as sensors that have been created for data collection and can be placed in various areas of the farm where the crop is.

I note that the robot is of great help to researchers in the agricultural area, it would be very useful if it were portable as you mention, hopefully the prices are also accessible to farmers !

See you later my friend, good article ! 👍

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