How to Sell Your Business Idea to Big Firms

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It is not enough to have a brilliant product, after you may have spent millions on those products, the next option will be to look out for those who will either buy into your product or buy the product completely, what I mean by this is that there are big companies who may like a product or an invention and they want to invest into the company, this makes them probably the highest share holder in the company and this way you still get to run the company but you have a major investor, on the other hand some companies may just want to completely buy everything about the idea.


Depending on which of the category you wish to happen, the dream of every inventor or producer is to have that big company or big investor who will be able to support their business by giving out the funds needed to make that idea a brilliant one.

Source for Connection.

The first thing is to always look out for if you want to get your product to big companies is connection, these big companies always get small businesses trying to pitch their idea to them on a regular note so you going to them directly might just be another person with another business idea but let’s say you go to these great companies based on referral, then you will be given a different chance.


You might think you do not directly know someone in that company but the internet once again has come to our rescue, look up the business on LinkedIn and try to get the contact of someone who might be your friend even if it is a social media friend and request that they give you the required link to that company.

Another way to get connected is to seek partnership with bigger companies, do not forget that these big companies you are partnering with will have someone who knows someone and that someone in the same company might know just someone better, that is an advantage of partnering with big firms compared with smaller firms.

Make Noise About Your Product.

When you are looking for a company to sell your idea to, you cannot stay silent about it you need to try and get a lot of attention let almost everyone talk about you, let almost everyone know about your product and what your product will be able to offer so the name of your product or company is already familiar to the company before you get there and that is a way to win their heart without stress.

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Hi @futurekr

I consider that it is a difficult field, especially when you are starting, however, if the idea is good, you will have the security that that idea will be bought. Now, this is the part of how you give value to that idea, imagine that you give it a value and it turns out that it was more profitable than what you could charge for the idea,
There, the royalty negotiation would also come into play.

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Hello friend, excellent recommendations, the truth is that when we want to make our product known we must have good strategies and of course good contacts. The world is managed this way, maybe at the beginning it will not be easy but success will surely follow.