Online Business and Improving Online Security

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Safety I the number one thing to check for in any online busines or even when it comes to saving things online when it comes to protection. From numbers, mails, credit card numbers, gift card numbers, passwords, company details, employee details and IDs, and other data.


The safety of any business is important and online safety is part of it as online data not properly saved can be compromised, leading to serious issues for the business and the team. In so many cases, issues of compromised internet data can lead to loss of money, hackers using data to defraud others, which in so many cases can lead to case being filed against the company.

Although hackers find ways to break through the security online on a regular base, developers have been trying to improve on security but even at the same time, there are a simple steps to take when doing anything online to increase security one of it is using a strong password. Using date of births, names, relative names, pet names, initials, are wrong combinations to be used as password. Create unique passwords for each unique account and sites, emails, banking passwords and so on. The passwords should include capital letters, alphanumeric, characters and should be at least eight combination long.

One other way to keep your online details safe is using 2FA. Two factor authenticators is a process of using another site, device, or application to verify a login or any other action on another site. Using 2FA makes it very difficult for hackers to access your account as you need another device elsewhere to verify the login.

Another way hacker get access to your online details is through phishing sites. Using fake site address to get information about the user visiting the link. The links and the site interface always look real with just a little difference which are often not noticeable which they use to get the necessary information needed. One thing to be careful about is phishing links as a businessperson who has online presence. Properly examine emails and link associated with each mail, check the sender properly, and make sure the site you are visiting is not asking for details from you.

On a final note, as your business grow, it is good to secure it properly and not get caught unguarded, thereby causing a lot of damage.

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all of us are developing our online presence and online businenesses and we need to be constantly vigilant when it comes to security, keeping passwords safe, changing them up every now and then, being mindful of emails and text messages that are clearly phishing and making sure that we secure any log in with 2 Factor Authentication.

And the number one for those of us on HIVE, keep your keys printed and safely secure , dont keep them on your computer, not only for a potential hack but also if your harddrive crashes and you cannopt retrieve the data you have hard copies. This should also be said for any passwords that you have.

Be mindful at all times about Cyber security and dont become complacent

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Hello friend an interesting publication, the security will always be indispensable for us in any aspect and when we speak of the digital part much more. Nowadays there are many people who want to take advantage of what is not theirs. Greetings!

They are everywhere and we just need to be extremely careful of them.

To protect my online data I see them as dangerous in case I get my online accounts hacked, since there are many people who are in charge of cracking the online security, we must be constantly alert when it comes to security, keeping the passwords safe by changing them weekly. Thank you for sharing this productive article. @futurekr

Thanks a lot for reading.

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Unfortunately this is all to true. We are all susceptible to being hacked, phishing links, Trojan horses, worms or what ever a hacker can come up with to get your information. I agree with you we need to be careful and take the proper precautions against any attacks towards us. Great post.

Thanks for reading.

These tips are very helpful for someone to help secure their information more. Yes, definitely be careful with passwords & sensitive information always. The funny thing is I have heard people using the WORD "password" as the password from time to time. (Crazy, huh?) I use the 2FA quite a bit as well. I admit, sometimes it'a a pain when I am trying to access my account quickly, but I know it's smart to have this extra layer of security since hackers do run rampant nowadays.

One other tip I would have for the readers is NEVER click a link in any emails unless you JUST specifically asked for one yourself. There are so many, as you said, that look almost real & ask for you to just click this link. But once that person does, the reader's information is jeopardized. If I am in doubt, I go to the site DIRECTLY and log in. If the company truly sent the email, then the information should be there.

Thanks for this post. It is never a case of being TOO careful! :)

Right, thanks a lot for contributing.

You gave a couple of nice suggestions for keeping things more secure... I had a "hack attack" to my personal computer 15-16 years ago, and that changed my complete view on this topic...

I was using Windows + Antivirus (updated) + Firewall, and I got hacked... After that, I have changed my OS to Linux and never looked back...

Wow, thanks for the information friend.

Thank you for sharing this important message.

My e-mail got hacked just over a year ago. They tried to blackmail me by threatening to post all kinds of bad things about me online if I didn't pay them in Bitcoin. I can't even remember how many Bitcoin it was, but it would have added up to about $10000.00.

A private investigator I spoke to, informed me that these people would hack into many "random" accounts, and try to scare people. People who get scared easily or feel nervous about something, would then rather just pay. That only makes you an easy target for more (and bigger) scams in the future. I just ignored it and nothing happened.

But it is very annoying indeed and these criminals can cause a lot of damage.

Thank you for sharing these good tips. As you say, it is extremely important to pay attention to your online security.

I am glad you did not lose your funds to those greedy scammers.