Starting Early: An Easy Path to Achieving Entrepreneurial Success

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Have you heard an old man make wishes of the things he could have done if he was still young? I have seen elderly people who terribly wish they still had the strength, zeal or vigour to do some things and the only regret they have is not doing these things when they were young.


The best time to build a good future is at a young age, although the popular belief is that age does not determine lots of things but as we increase in age, we begin to lose strength, agility and zeal in some of the things we could do before.

It is tempting to just want to enjoy life at a young age but that is not a very good decision to make, a lot of young people want to go clubbing, spend time with friends and just eat and drink, all these scenarios appear pleasant but the regret rolls in when age is no longer on their side, in order to prevent such regret the best thing is to swing into profitable actions at an early age.

This is absolutely important for entrepreneurs, every business must set the basis of their business straight at an early stage, and even if the profit of the business may not begin to roll in immediately it is certain that the business will bring in a profitable result. You will agree with me that a young person who starts a business will have more enthusiasm to pursue his dream unlike an elderly man.

As a young person, you might not have the type of experience that an elderly man has but this experience could be gained through books, as a young entrepreneur every knowledge you want to obtain while wasting precious years of your life could be gotten from spending time on books, gain adequate knowledge from the books and history novels of those who have moved through a similar part like yours.


As a young person, be sure to build relationships with people who will be able to add value to you. As people grow old, life becomes a very busy one where they are trying to spare time for spouses, kids and make a living at the same time, so the best time to build solid relationship is when you all still have the time to ignore certain engagements. A wise man once said to me, if you continue to move with people who subtract from your life, you will be left with nothing but if you move with people who constantly have an addition to your life, then you will become an achiever soon, make the decision to build relationship with those who add value to you early in life.

However, this does not mean that people who are a little older cannot achieve their dreams but it only requires more determination than required when you were younger. If you want to avoid putting a ten time effort into something you would have put a one-time effort into, then begin early and enjoy the rest of your life.

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