Mistakes most start-up entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them

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Knowledge tells us that it is pretty easy and more convenient to learn from the mistakes of others, learning from the mistakes of other people prevent us from falling into a similar trap. Although there are some lessons that only experience can teach when it comes to entrepreneurial journey, it is only wise to listen to what other people who have moved through a similar part has to say to us.


The pit holes to avoid.

Entrepreneurs who are new to the business world usually make the mistake of quitting early in life, maybe because the road is not as smooth as they expect it to be, any rough patch they experience just makes them loose hope in their ability to continue and they give up.

Trying to ignore the position of a sales person too early, the only thing that brings profit to a business is sales and that is the part every entrepreneur should be more concerned about. When the sales position is left in the hand of another person completely at the early business stage, there might be a problem. A new business requires that you take over the sales corner, businesses die early because the entrepreneurs are so much in a haste to take the position of the CEO rather than concentrate on making sales.

New entrepreneurs are usually naïve and they try to take advice from almost everyone around them because they just want to please everyone. Taking advice from everyone will leave you as a confused person and now you may say but I need advice, who then should I listen to? The best person to take advice from in your entrepreneurial journey, is a person who has moved through a similar route as yours and is able to mentor you through the required path your business needs.

New entrepreneurs always want to make things work and most times they pressurize their staff to provide a result that might not be attainable easily, as an entrepreneur you have to be realistic and often put yourself in the position of those you employ before you assign difficult task to them, this does not mean you should take lesser result from them anyways.

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of spending lavishly on their personal lives at an early stage, the rule to remain in business is to continually put in money into business and expanding, so while you want to liv a large life and show your friends that business is doing well, remember the need to remain in business.

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I have been to such company once where they are not concern of employee however they want to maximise profit at any cost. Such company could not sustain for longer considering they have the main resources in form of man power. If they keep the resources happy and satisfied they automaticaly bring good profits to the company.

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