What you need to know as you move your business to the social media space

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What can we do to our ever changing world? There is nothing we can do to stop things from becoming the way they are and like the popular saying that: ‘’you have to join them if you cannot beat them’’, the world is changing too fast for anyone to stop it.


Business has moved from just offline shops to making sales online, you can still run your offline store and at the same time run your business online or even without an offline presence you can decide to run your business online and through social media. The presence of social media seem to be boosting more sales than what an offline presence can offer.

Hey, before you give your business a social media presence, there are things you have to get informed about. Just like the offline market, the online (social media) market is also filled with so many people who sell the same thing and because I do not want you to get frustrated and back out of the business I want you to know this about the social media market.

Just like we have on steem/hive, you need to be able to build a strong sense of engagement and the level of engagement you are able to build with your post is usually determined at the first hour the post was shared. Immediately you make a post on your social media account, promote it immediately and follow up on the engagement model it is about to get because through the first hour, the post may either see the lime light or get totally discarded as millions of other users are posting very minute.

When posting on your social media page, you need to be conscious about the topic you give to your post, the topic is a great reason why people will want to read more about the information you shared in the first place. When your topic is attractive, you generate more views and that way your product or brand receives better attention.

You have to learn how to generate better conversations with the audience you have on social media, I think scammers on the internet know how to use this detail the more, they keep on disturbing you trying to get in touch with you, giving you reasons to trust them until you fall eventually and your money is gone. You can also us the same approach to making a mark in the social media world but not for yourself this time round but for your business.

You can opt for creating a video content for your product, this will help your social media audience get a clear view of what you are trying to advertise, so if you are interested in using social media as a way to promote your business, make use of video as people seem to be more interested in videos.

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