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Many times I think about everything that happens in order to have a product in my house, all that process that goes from obtaining raw material, production, distribution, among other things that implies achieving a product on the shelves and subsequent consumption by the population. It's literally a big economic gear that they call supply chain.

It is now quite affected by the whole pandemic situation, making access to some products much more difficult, causing costs to rise as well as higher prices to reach households.



After globalization, more possibilities were opened to be able to acquire an endless number of objects from different parts of the world, and a competitive escalation began to see who dominated the market. Of the main countries that have been present in every corner of the world has been China, the Asian giant with more than 100 million inhabitants, has a large amount of cheap labor, which is why its competition is given in this way, by lowering production costs and to offer a product truly below the price of other competitors.

Of course, things have changed drastically, the Covid.19 has made globalization look different. Something that brought many benefits to world trade, of course, but at the same time opened the door to the possibility of a pandemic being more likely than at any other time in history.

But the distribution chain has been changing shape in these times, more and more distribution methods are being considered that involve the minimum of contacts between human beings, here technology enters to play a determining role.

So all that gearing between the starting point is increasingly dependent on the technological, where the human being becomes something like a watchdog that these processes continue to take place.

This brings some other implicit problems, such as the decrease in the need for human labor to carry out tasks in which until recently the human being was indispensable .

Everything is changing, I will insist on saying that, I don't know if it is totally for the better, but change is inevitable.

For now, I have concluded with this publication.

Thank you very much for reading me.




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Overbearing , let's hope that a vaccine is obtained and everything returns to normal

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I love that banner below, please can I be using it.

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indeed changes are inevitable, and I believe that we go straight to finditnos with the machines, to be cyborgs and have computer parts in our body; An example of this is the amazing Elon Musk's Neuralink project.