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Among the things that we must know when we enter this platform is the management of our funds, which means each of those things that we find in the Wallet. We have starting with Hive the main currency of this platform, the Altcoin then we have the HivePower, which is the one that gives the value to our account, the more we have the more we leave in who we vote and at the same time what we get as a curatorship, and then we have Hive Dollar, which is called StableCoin.

You're probably thinking, what's the point of having two coins? If one would be enough, Hive which is the one with the name of the blockchain and is what becomes the Power of Vote. But, each one has its importance within the blockchain and plays a role within the Cryptcoin market.

Keep reading, this is what I've come to clarify.



To understand why there are basically two currencies, we need to know the concepts and understand the function of each one, let's start with:


It's an altcoin, but what is it, let's define it:

"The word altcoin is an acronym that comes from the words "alternative" and "coin". This term is used to refer to the Bitcoin alternative digital currencies, i.e. cryptosystems that are not Bitcoin.” Source

To make it better understood, let's do an exercise of imagination:

A group of people meet with an idea in mind, a project that consists of allowing people to create a blog and make their publications on it and monetize from this. Of course, this is not a new idea, it has been done for a long time.

But, previously, what a person could earn from their blog came from the amount of publicity they can make through it, of course, it still happens, it's not something that stopped working this way. The only thing is that in this new blog project it is not a question of people only being able to win while advertising, but rather, that the reward comes from the votes that other users might cast based on the taste that they have just seen and of course the voting power that the person who cast the vote has, and also supported by a Blockchain.

The crypto currency of this project will be an altcoin, called Hive, with its own blockchain, of course.

So, to be more specific, altercoins are all those cryptom currencies that are not Bitcoin, and that support or can be used as a means of payment in a given project. One characteristic of them, and of which most altcoins enjoy, is the volatility of their price. This is something that tends to keep many investors away from this type of project, to try to combat this feature the so-called STABLECOINS were this particular case, the HIVEDOLLARS, this is what I will talk about in the next publication.

So don't despair he, he, he

I'll be back soon with more information, I hope it's clear what I've brought to share.



I invite you to visit Project.hope and learn about the benefits of this project for all those interested in growing while helping others to grow.

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Very good your explanation @josevas217 of sure you will clarify many doubts on the matter. Many people still do not understand certain terms related to this topic. Sometimes it can be somewhat confusing, and also only the name generates in people as some fear to think about how difficult it should be to understand.

Thanks @franyeligonzalez.
You can see that getting scared at first shouldn't be the option, but coming to this cryptography mute with an open mind to learn what is necessary.
You will realize after reading this post that it is not so complex to understand either.

@tipu curate

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Thank you for support.

Solid information you have gotten here. I was within a group of hivers sometimes and someone raised the question " why having 2 different coin on the platform?" Reading this article give me in-depth knowledge of why. Thanks for the information, and I will be waiting for your next post as you promised to make it informational.

Hello @benie111
Thank you very much for visiting my blog and reading my post. The idea in sharing this kind of information is to clarify these points that I consider important. I am not an expert in the field, but I can understand some things about it.
In the course of the day I will upload the continuation, in which I will talk about Hive Dollars (HBD), I'm sure you will understand. I hope you can share with your friends this information that I know, it will be able to clarify that doubt.

between investing in altcoins and stocks which one is the preferable

Hello @mandate, it's an interesting and complex question. And of course, everyone has their own point of view on it.
I particularly don't have any experience in actions. I do know what it is about, but I've never explored that area. But I do have some experience in the area of cryptology.
However, since I'm a believer in not betting on one business, I think diversification is always better. You can have several entries, even within the same world of altcoin.

As for stocks, you have to know, really to get into that world. As I say, I don't know it, I don't invent something I don't know.
But obviously there are those who have been able to make a lot of money in the world of stocks, of the stock market, but also those who have lost everything.

It's a question of studying every project you enter. And as they say: do not risk what cannot be lost.

Wonderful exposure on the hive topic