Finance and Economics: Just an Adult Issue?

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When we talk about personal finance, for many it's simply adult business, and children and teenagers are kept out of it, but is this right? Do you have to wait until you're an adult to get into the world of finance? It is a fairly widespread belief, and therefore becomes the norm.

But, the truth is that it would be better to start learning about this important aspect of our lives from an early age.



Children have the possibility to learn quite fast, it's good to teach them that things are achieved with effort, that they must be earned. Don't you think so?

Well, I'm not talking about sitting a 3-year-old down and starting to teach economics and finance, or instead of them watching some cartoon sitting them down to watch a Robert Kiyosaki video, I'm not talking about that, of course.

But there are options, according to each age, that would allow them to awaken that idea that money really does have a certain importance in our adult lives, and that do not go through what many of us have gone through, that already with some advanced years and having experiences, many times traumatic, is that we realize that we must educate ourselves about it.

I must emphasize at this point that I am not a father, not yet, but I am an uncle, and my youngest nephew, especially he has many things that make me think that he already has a great notion of the importance of money in our lives and how to take care of it. He likes to save, he can do the math pretty good.

She helps my sister sometimes in her business and checks the bills very well to see if they are fake or not, since putting in fake bills is a very frequent habit here in Bogotá, unfortunately. He also aims to raise a certain amount of money to buy something he wants, and he does, so if possible, they will learn the basics as children.

Things like those I just said about my nephew make him think that in the future his reality will be different, already taking into account from an early age that money has its importance, it has its game and we have to learn it.

You might not agree with me that financial education should start at an early age, and I could accept that, however, you could hardly tell me that you would have liked to know about cryptocurrency from the first moment that Bitcoin came out, there were those who took advantage of that moment even though they were very young, but they were able to do so because in a way they had learned that digital or tangible money had its importance.

But it's never too late to learn...

I'm saying goodbye until my next publication.



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I'm trying to teach my daughter, she's already 15,so yeah...

Have a great day and greetings from Mexico.

Perfect @neuerko, it's good what he does. Your daughter will appreciate it. Thank you for commenting. I hope it's very good in Mexico. Greetings.

My family plays Kiyosaki's game, Cashflow. We started years ago and did not play it too often because it could take a full day. These days, it take about two hours because you can track your transactions on a phone or tablet.

My oldest daughter has expressed her gratitude for teaching her the game because it has helped her understand and talk business with her managers. My other children have not yet entered the workforce. However, they are aware of the strategies to get out of the rat race. They get better at it with each play.

I had not considered having my children get involved in paying bills. I think this is something we still have time to implement before the two youngest leave the house.

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Thanks for your good comment @travelwritemoney. I haven't played cash flow, but I do have it very much in mind as something I want to do. Once in digital, it makes the process easier. It was immortalized Or the term "rat race", the analogy is very good, it's true. But just having a sense of that reality makes you able to get out of it. How good you can teach your children about finances is very necessary. Congratulations on that.

I totally agree with you, it is important that within today's education there is something that guides us or teaches us how to manage our money, something like financial intelligence, I think it would be the most logical thing to not create only people destined to be a simple employee all their lives, and that they give us the option to decide if we want to be our own bosses or work for one of them.

Hello @franyeligonzalez Since money and its meaning are so important in our lives, the logical thing would be for us to learn from it, to study it. Because if we don't, the market will play with us.

Our parent make such a silly mistake with children. When a child is growing up, it is advisable we shape them in the right set of mind. Follow their age plan and gradually use it to teach them on their basic life interest.

If your child love Mechanical field, start by buying something cool relating to engineering for him/her with their age limit being considered

Hello @tfame3865 I think the tendency is to repeat learned patterns, not change them. If change were assumed to be the norm, things would be different, and talking about these things to children and helping them develop what they are inclined to do could make them much more financially risky adults.

There are good educational possibilities for them to learn some of them are the different games that exist and the blockchain, like drugwars, city simulators like dcity, etc. I think that in this way children (and people in general) are motivated to learn to manage their finances and at the same time to learn. For me,it is a great solution.