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We live in a consumer society, we are used to buying everything directly from a shop or ordering it and having it delivered to our home. Despite the current situation, we are still consumerists, but nowadays purchasing patterns have changed. They have largely been reduced to buying what is necessary, what is superfluous has been reduced in most places to a second level. And it makes sense, if the income has been reduced with the expenses to pass the same ... at least in theory, since those who have credits, leases, among other things must continue to pay, but now, later, but it is necessary to pay.



Something particularly occurred to me that led me to a reflection: *as a result of the situation and the decrease in economic activities at a general level my income has decreased considerably, but in spite of that, I still have money left over... that led me to think that I had unnecessary expenses, and that they diminished the possibility of saving money. Of course, I have to add up the expenses of airfare, eating something in the street, going out to some shopping center, these are activities that you can give away once in a while, but not as a routine.

Within all this context, it is a gain to realize that, because when we pass this stage that we are living, I already have conscience about it and I must be more organized with my expenses.

The moments of confinement also allow us to focus more on ourselves and evaluate ourselves, to rethink other things in our lives, and it is in these moments that we realize several things that I want to emphasize:

  • The importance of maintaining some savings so as not to enter into economic chaos in situations similar to the present one. That although we hope this will end soon, everything is uncertain, it could go on for a long time.

  • To visualize future investment possibilities, which will allow to generate income even in conditions of quarantine or impossibility to carry out some activity, in cases of diseases, for example.

  • And a point that I left last not to be less important, thank you for staying on this platform that allows you to generate additional income, is simply great. For many, this income can represent not an additional option but the main and only source of income, and no doubt it fits perfectly to the current condition, you can do it from the tranquility of your home and without exposing yourself.

So to a large extent there are still changes in everyone, and surely many more are to come.

Thanks for reading me.

In your case, thanks to the pandemic, have you had many changes in the economy in your life? It has been favorable changes?I would like to read them...


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Well my economy is not that it has had many changes because I am not working, but yes, it is true that the little that one manages to produce in view of the fact that there is no longer so much distraction to spend because one can use it for something really necessary or simply save it. In a certain way in that aspect the pandemic has left us with good things, and it has also made us think much more, both about money and about ourselves.