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There is one character in the story that I particularly admire, beyond his successes, which are evident, is that he took care of relevant aspects of his workers, trying to make them feel good about doing their job and even beyond, in this case I am talking about:

Henry Ford



When reading his biography we will realize that he was born in very low economic conditions, living in a farm, of Irish parents, and destined by his father to take care of the farm by obligation.

He had a remarkable facility for understanding mechanics, managing to build his own machinery to work on the farm at an early age. He did the same to learn to drive tractors, rudimentary, with great dexterity, besides easily understanding their operation and learned to repair them when they failed, becoming very famous in this field.

Beginning in the 1900's, thanks to his incredible ingenuity and determination he was able to found his own company, the Ford Motor Company and become one of the most impactful men in the world besides creating the Masa production system.

Among the things I'd like to highlight about Henry Ford:

  • Many people who are born in humble conditions, are highly influenced by their environment, and it is likely that they grow up believing that their destiny is that. He was not one of those, and for that reason he literally managed to build an empire, he was not afraid and he dared to leave his comfort zone.

  • Ford did not have any kind of university academic study, but he did have a great capacity to create, to come up with great solutions to problems that existed, and to decisively bring them to reality.

  • He had a clear vision of what he wanted, and he went for it, he did it, and that's why it still stands. He created what we now call mass production.

  • In his companies the salaries that his workers received were exorbitant for the time, he liked to keep his workers well, he created a team composed of more than 150 professionals to be in charge of verifying the emotional, family, psychological stability of his employees.

  • This had a double purpose, on the one hand the stability of their workers, which would allow a better performance of them; the second, a great salary made them the first ones that could also acquire FORD vehicles.



Why do I admire him and could I say that he has influenced me in some way?

I know what it means to be born and to grow up in complicated conditions, in an environment that tells you that getting out of it is almost impossible, and I also know that you can. Since I was a child I read many biographies, luckily someone with whom I had little contact taught me that reading is very good, and short biographies in the mind of a child can do a lot to encourage and give hope.

I dreamed in those moments to be able to build empires, and at the present time I do not say that it is impossible, but perhaps the priorities have changed, nevertheless I can say that the biography of that character inspired me, and much, lived disarming all the toys that it had, some managed to arm them again, others not, but it served to develop in me that desire to investigate, to create...

This has been my involvement in Project HOPE - Community contest for all Hive users

Thank you very much for the Oportunity.



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This is nice. Henry Ford didnt allow his background to put his back on the ground and he also learnt from that background in order to treat people right. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, as it is, that's a feat. And it's something I wanted to emphasize.
Thank you for commenting @oredebby

Its something to emulate from true leaders.

I agree with this comment. Despite his background his determination and care for others allowed him to succeed.

Thanks for your entry @josevas217

Right. Determination is everything. If you want to, then you can.

Yes, dedication and passion were undoubtedly key to his achievements.
Thank you for passing

Great leader.!
Despite being a voracious businessman, who displaced his adversaries, he also contributed greatly to the industrialization and future of humanity.

Very true

No doubt it was voracious for other businessmen.
Literally, the competition he gave them was decisive at the time, but it went beyond that.
Thank you for commenting.

Dear @josevas217

Awesome read. Solid entry to @ awah contest. Thanks for your participation :)

Thanks for bringing flashback of history of Henry Ford. I really didn't know much about him till now.

Upvoted already :)
Yours, Piotr

Thank you very much for the comment @crypto.piotr
Yes, his story is impressive. There's a lot more, of course.
It was hard work to write less than 600 words. But rules are rules.

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Thank you for commenting, my friend.
Yeah, it literally created an empire. That's impressive.