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I'm a particular believer in this technology we know as Blockchain and of course this one about cryptomonics. Centralization works, of course, but I believe that decentralization in the case of the blockchain allows for much more confidence, at least for those of us in this cryptosystem.

I also believe that the crisis that brought the Coronavirus has allowed this technology to reach more people, facilitating transactions and ways of producing from home. But I also know that there is a lack of education about it. For some reason cryptocurrencies have remained since the creation of BTC and continue to increase in number in addition to the diversity of use they have today.



Bitcoin is by far the best known crypto currency, dominating more than 60% of the market capitalization in addition to being the most expensive. It is used not only as a backup currency but also as an asset to pay for services and products.

Recently among some readings I found an article that caught my attention and I said: Wow, I didn't expect this yet. Before I explain what it is, I want to talk a little bit about the company Centrapay.

This is a company that, according to its vision, is in charge of "Centrapay focuses on democratizing digital assets." Source



Interesting, that is, its task is to create the tools so that different companies can receive payments in digital assets, including Bitcoin among other crypto-currencies, and this is not the end of it. They have some very important clients, such as KFC, ADIDAS, HEINEKENN, among others of equal prestige, but it didn't end there.

I'll name a brand and see if it's known: Coca-Cola...

Please, I know it's almost unimaginable that this soda wouldn't be known to anyone. Well, the news I bring is related to these companies, Centrapay and Coca Cola.

In New Zealand and Australia more than 2000 automatic Coke vending machines were distributed, which will accept Bitcoin as a method of payment...**I particularly think it's a big step towards what many of us want, a greater impact of cryptology in real life. That it's easy to use and affordable to anyone.

What they did was put a QR code on this machine, which can be scanned by BTC holders so they can make their payment. It will not be from any wallet but from Sylo Smart Wallet, which must be downloaded to the phone and with it scanned to pay... It's that simple.

I think this has a great impact on people, at least it brings them closer to cryptos through an everyday item such as the mobile phone to cancel something that is very common and allows other people to be curious about this world of cryptos, at least I hope so.

I have been able to see in Bogota, where I currently reside, some shops that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. But its use is not very widespread. Unfortunately there have been many scams using cryptos as shields and it has produced some resistance in people, regarding its use. But, I know that in some time it will be more widely used.

Have you paid for any services or products with cryptocurrencies?

I'll say goodbye, thank you very much for your reading.



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cryptocurrencies are adopted more and more, not only companies even governments are showing their interest in crypto LIke China is planning to bring their own digital currency. Overall the growth of cryptocurrencies is doing well.

Yes, I've learned a lot about China and its new digital currency. Hopefully, I think we're on the right track. Thank you for your comment.

How popular is Dash where you live?

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Not much friend @travelwritemoney
They don't use much cryptology here. People are very suspicious. Partly out of ignorance.
More use dash in Venezuela. There if you handle a little more everything that has to do with crypto currencies.

@josevas217 as I have said this before also cryptocurrency is the future of financial revolution. After few years we will see cryptocurrency in every field. Everyone will be having it and companies also developing according to make it easy for the person to use it.

So be it, I also hope that time will come, I think the pandemic has brought that possibility even closer

It is very interesting and I think that very soon due to the pandemic, then that this crisis passes, cryptos will be used nadively And in fact I think the new QR model will be very successful because I myself paid here in a supply using QR code for Paypal, in a negic that is next to my house, which by the way is from some Chinese.

I hope that these methods will arrive in South America soon, although from what I have seen these technologies take from 6 months to 1 year after q come out, to deploy on this side of the world.

Great that you could pay like that, with a QR code.
I imagine they start with more developed countries, and then move on to other countries, like South America.

There are hundreds of wallets that are called crypto addoption, but few apps are legit. That 's what make a lot of people still don't trust cryptocurrency.

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I've made over 4000 comments... at what point did that happen?
Well, I think I might have written some things down.
Thank you @hivebuzz

crypro is surely getting mainstream and hopefully we would be able to do more things with crypto in coming times

Yeah, actually, a lot of the economy is turning to cryptos.