The crisis has not yet started

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Lately I've been reading a lot about the current economy, about the economic crisis that is coming, about the great impression of money by the governments to try to maintain the economy, however, what I see in reality is that the attention is focused on solving the problem Covid.19, and I understand it perfectly, but after this is overcome, there will be problems in terms of the economy that cannot be overcome so quickly, and I'm not saying this to be pessimistic, but the current context tells us that we must look for other options of economic income than the way we work.

I think that it is necessary to learn some other trades, and especially at present that are related to the technological area, with Artificial Intelligence, with Blockchain. Don't you think this is necessary?



There are many options for learning work tools through the internet, you just need a computer, good connection, and the willingness to learn. Be organized to get the most out of it and prepare for the future.

There will be fewer and fewer job opportunities, fewer jobs, and with this pandemic the number of businesses and premises that have closed is impressive, and consider that we are still in the same situation as when all this began, so the job losses will continue to increase.

The times are different, very different from those we knew last year. Yes, it's that fast that everything has changed for us, but, we have to adapt. I am particularly spending more and more time reading about cryptomonies, projects based on Blockchain, reading to understand this complex world of the economy, I probably won't become an expert, but knowing about it allows you to assume other attitudes regarding your personal finances.

I will insist that technology is more and more present in everything, you have to know it, know how to use it, and transmit the knowledge to the little ones.

Considering all the changes, the new tendencies, I feel good to be in this Crypto world, I don't have children yet, but if I have children at some point I will instill in them what I can, as far as possible everything that has to do with finances, cryptomonics, technology, and everything that allows them to be in an increasingly technological world. Will we have to learn to live with robots? Surely, in fact we are already doing so, many programs with which we interact daily are, so we should not be surprised by this.

In a way, the children are at an advantage in this respect, because what is new to us is and will be their normality. They're probably going to teach us a few things.

I don't know exactly what the future holds for us in the medium or long term, but I'm sure we'll be with a lot more technology, wherever we see it, I don't know if it will be totally favorable for everyone or only for some groups. I might even think that there will be more robots than humans, and that they will have the jobs that we used to have, but, these are speculations, probable realities, that only time will tell us...

Do you think we should redefine the studies?

Will it be necessary to teach from an early age in schools the most advanced training in technology and finance?



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Even without the pandemic, the tech revolution was bound to happen. The pandemic only hastened it.

I agree. The pandemic is highlighting inefficiencies in business operations that have required a workforce. As businesses figure out how to operate without as many people, and customers are less inclined to meet in person, there will be fewer jobs at the places where many worked.

At my office, it is practically me and the janitors. Everyone else is working from home. The IT guy comes to work only because he doesn’t want to be at home. Otherwise, we can operate virtually.

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Of course it is necessary to learn more about it and that the education of a 180 degree turn, the education that we had cannot continue being the same of other generations, because we do not speak of the same world, already the world that we knew 20 years ago is not the same of now, many things have changed and what is missing. In my life I imagined knowing something about cryptomonies and I had to do it, we are in constant progress and changes although I think it is necessary to change the way of teaching

We must teach and learn.
It's the way, it's what we're supposed to do.

The loss of work by robots is a matter of time as an example a few years ago required an air pilot a and a cameraman today only with a drone gets the same result.

We need to find more sources of work. Sure. Make them independent, and use the technology.

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Hello @trumpman2
I really appreciate the information you've given me. I've already read the three publications you've left me. Interesting. I honestly didn't know about it, but it's a good way to grow, and think long term.
I'll keep that in mind from now on. Thank you very much.

I am a faithful believer that children and new generations must learn about cryptocurrencies and the whole digital world, because this is the future and people in general we must be prepared for what comes next to end this pandemic, it will be difficult to overcome and I admit that I am very afraid about it.

It is an understandable fear, more so being in Venezuela with the situation that is already complex on its own.
But in spite of everything we are learning tools to solve.

Maybe few jobs will result in more entrepreneurial opportunities and support. Take us here on PH, we do not work for anyone. This qualifies as being and entrepreneur.