The importance of knowing about cryptocurrencies today

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In the present context I feel that the knowledge I have been able to acquire in the last two years with respect to Cryptomoney and the handling of exchanges has been very useful, it has served me enormously. Why? For various reasons, I would like to talk about it below with the intention of emphasizing that just as consumption patterns, the way we mobilize and relate to each other are also changing in financial and economic terms, the same thing is happening.

I will now mention one of the main benefits I have gained from entering the world of cryptology...



  1. I have been living in Bogotá for two years, and I am a native of Venezuela. Practically the whole world knows that there has been a massive migration of Venezuelans to other countries, especially to others in Latin America, with the intention of seeking economic improvement for them and their family who are still in the country.

This opened up a possibility that has been very well taken advantage of by the large exchange houses, this does not mean that the smaller or newer ones can start, of course not, so I started a business sending remittances to Venezuela from Bogota, it worked very well for a while, but then the person I was working with in Venezuela emigrated as well, and I could not continue, it is not easy to get someone to handle all this cryptocurrency and exchange and also be trusted.

The thing I want to emphasize here is that to make these changes I used the worldwide known platform LOCALBITCOIN. It worked like this:

I would buy fractions of Bitcoin from Colombia, paying in Colombian pesos, and then I would send them to the person in the country, who would sell them in Bolivars, and send the different customers what they were entitled to. Everything was using Criptomonedas, that platform allows you to do the same from anywhere in the world.
That is, it is a way in which one could keep some money, in case you don't have international banks, and move to another country, and in this one make the change to the local currency, particularly seems to me a great benefit.

Of course, it is important to always consider the volatility of the Krypton currencies, which can go up or down at any time, but will always be a great alternative for transferring funds. Don't you think?

This is one of those great advantages, later I will mention some others, to share them... and you ? What benefits have you got from knowing about Cryptocurrencies?



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I look at my life and i wish I have know about crypto currency around 6-10 years earlier, my life will not be like this

We're on the same page. I've barely had two years in this world of cryptology. And I would have liked to have known much more about it, and since its birth... My life would be different. Thank you for your comment @adechina.

Very good article. I think that today everyone should know about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Whether it is at a higher or lower level, it is something that will inevitably integrate into our lives more and more. Thanks for sharing.

Of course, if @ale.aristigueta
This is increasingly present everywhere.
And no doubt sooner or later everyone will end up having a minimum of knowledge about it.

Thank you for coming in.

you are welcome

These mechanisms undoubtedly allow Easily exchange between Fiat and crypto.The only thing is that you have to be very aware of the rates commission and exchange, so not allow profits to be diluted or lost.As always supporting you!

That's a great detail, the commissions or feeds. If one is careless, one ends up losing a lot in it. You're right.
Thanks for the support @reinaldoverdu

@josevas217 the sooner we learn about the crypto currency its better , because its the future currency and their is a huge scope of earning money in the future.

In fact I can say that even today we are making money through this. We are preparing you, even unintentionally, for the future.
Thank you for your comment.