Wars, big business... for whom? - Part one

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Surely on reading the title of this publication you have thought about how and in what way wars can be a big business? or maybe who could want a war that (practically almost) is always synonymous with death? I have been thinking about it, and although it seems a real madness, yes, I can certainly say that any war activates the productive apparatus and makes many items increase in price all the products...

I may not agree with my first paragraph, and I would understand it, since at first I wanted to avoid accepting that this was a reality, but...

Keep reading and you'll understand my point in this approach.



The first thing to keep in mind here is that weapons have always been a sign of power. Since its invention as a tool still rudimentary in the primitive man, either as an axe (stick and stone or a spear), who had it was more powerful than who did not. Unfortunately, as history has progressed, humanity has advanced, both in social structure and in its inventions.

Already, not to speak of times before Christ, let's start in the Middle Ages, when there was already great armor as a form of protection for soldiers, there were also weapons with great destructive power, bow, stone throwers, among many other things.

Obviously, those who could have these instruments of war were the powerful ones, who were becoming more and more powerful with the use of these.

Where would the business be in all this? Who would benefit?

If we go back to that medieval era, in which kings laid down their laws without consultation and were masters and lords of the lands and also of those who inhabited them. Entering into war meant, at that time, taking over more land and the men and women who inhabited it, having the possibility of labor, collecting taxes, among other things. And yes, the greatest benefit was for those above, those who had the weapons. They were the ones who mainly benefited.

However, I could say that the soldiers who worked for the King, also got their share in this "war business", and they could, although without permission, get part of those who were in that city or town that was invaded or lost the war. So, for many soldiers this was a big business.

Even those who built ships received contracts to make the fleets for the different kingdoms, which allowed that part of the war and transport needs, increased their demand and no doubt became a big business too.

The production of armor, weapons, and everything related to war, not that it gave on one side, and the movement of these sectors increased. That is, a lot of the production apparatus was being activated in a dizzying way...

So far we could say, yes, that was in the Middle Ages, about 500 or a thousand years ago, things are different today... and yes, they are really different in form, but the essence remains the same... Don't you think?

I invite you to read the continuation of this publication, soon and I will explain myself.

Thank you very much for reading me...




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Con el apoyo de la familia.

Interesante relato, cuando veo peliculas con espadas,solo puedo pensar que uno se corta con un cuchillo en la cocina y duele. No me puedo imaginar ser cortado por una espada.

Interesting story, when I watch movies with swords, I can only think that you cut yourself with a knife in the kitchen and it hurts. I can't imagine being cut by a sword. @josevas217


En el ...for whom está el quid del asunto.
Siempre hay beneficiarios.
Gracias por compartir, @josevas127
¡Apoyando el Top3!

Lamentablemente si, siempre hay quienes se benefician con toso esto, por eso veo muy dificil que todo esto termine. Gracias por comentar.

También tienen las guerras económicas como la desatada alrededor
de la pandemia

Las armas son un negocio amigo José, y tienes mucha razón cambian las época pero la esencia es la misma.

Un presidente de los estados tiene un negocio familiar de armamento y durante su gobierno fue donde hubo mas guerras. Eso siempre se ha dicho, si es verdad o mentira lo del negocio no lo se.
Pero lo de las guerras es una verdad.
Un abrazo.

Si, muchas cosas se dicen de esos negocios de jefes de gobiernos, no sólo de armas sino de otras cosas, siempre las armas estarán ligadas al poder... muchas gracias por tu buen comentario.

Unfortunately, the weapons market (which is quite large, by the way) is a harsh reality (something kind of stupid and that only feeds bad things) and I think this won't end anytime soon.

However, I think that within what is considered to be legal today, many laws could - at least -be revised.

He is right, this arms business is a multi-million dollar thing, no doubt it will continue, there are many interests in it.
But you have touched on an important point, many things could be regulated, but, it seems that some states prefer to keep everything as it is.
Thank you very much for your kind comment.