What can be done about unemployment now?

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Unemployment rates in Colombia before the quarantine were approximately 12%, yes, 12 out of every 100 people in the productive stage were unemployed, that starting the year but now everything has changed.

So far this year there have been a lot of businesses that have closed, I have seen them, I work in the sales area and some clients have closed definitively, so I can say that it is true.

In the same way I have known about people who have become unemployed, and if we consider that in this city (Bogotá) there is a lot of informal economy, that they cannot work in the street because of the measures that the government has ordered, surely that the situation is really serious. A few weeks ago they made an unofficial announcement that this 12% had increased to 23%. 11% increase in unemployment so far this year.



But, this does not come alone, unfortunately there has been a substantial increase in the crime rate, it is not justified that this happens but it is to be expected. There are those who do not mind using any activity to achieve their livelihood.

In the face of this, I have doubts:

How can you counteract this unemployment situation?

It is the creation of jobs that could slow down this reality that is becoming increasingly tangible. At least that's what I think. These jobs are generally generated by the private sector, since states do not have (most of the time) that capacity to hire so many people. But with so many prohibitions it's a little difficult for anyone to want to go big, at least not while this situation is there. Some will wait for everything to stabilize a bit before doing so, but we are certainly not talking about weeks. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate continues to rise, and with it poverty, crime and insecurity.

Nor can they meet the food demand of the entire population that is unemployed. Here (in Bogotá) they are giving some bonuses to help families, 160,000 Colombian pesos (COP), the equivalent of about 50 dollars, but, the reality is that that is not enough for much, even less if we consider that a family could have 3 or 4 members, or more, so it does not satisfy that need but for our days. It's not a solution.

In talking about all this we cannot fail to mention that while there are people who will go out on the streets to take what belongs to others, to commit theft or robbery, there are also those who will prefer to go begging, unfortunately I have also seen many cases on the streets lately.

And like this, many consequences from this new reality that we have, which in South America is expressed in this way, but, I have no idea how all this is going in the countries of Europe that have been affected and that has had repercussions with closures of companies, commercial premises, etc.

I'd like to know if you have any comments on this, thank you very much for your reading.

Are there special plans to avoid this situation in your country?


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Personally, I think the issue of employment is something that takes more time than we realise. Globally, employment as such is dying and a new economy based on free agents is emerging.
An economy where the desirable employee is the one who can really help a company progress, this "free agent" is displacing the typical employee who just wants to keep a schedule and maintain a working relationship with the employer, where the employee works enough to not get fired and his employer pays enough for the employee not to resign

This is a very smart answer @jobs of the century

This vision of traditional work is undoubtedly changing; we must prepare ourselves more and more in the new technologies in order to survive in this new world.

Thank you for your comment.

@josevas217 after the covid-19 situation will be over we have to face two things economy meltdown and unemployment. Currently also the the situation is very bad in the underdeveloped countries many people are not having jobs and struggling for their basic needs.

The economic collapse, really, is difficult to come by, even more complex.
You're right. We have to prepare.

The truth is that yes, there should be special plans in emergencies like these, since we are talking about something that is affecting the economy not only of 1 country but of many. But the reality is that perhaps many countries like these Latin Americans could have helped many people but the reality is that many times because of poor management of funds that is not possible. It is more important to line your pockets than to think about the most vulnerable population. For that reason many people are forced to commit crimes, I do not justify it but I can understand it. Governments don't care, they simply care about their personal economy.

No country was prepared for something like this.
And governments are more concerned with making good business sense than with the population, that's the reality.

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The thing about unemployment in a world where blockchain is now integrated into things like Amazon and IBM services, is that there will come a point when crypto will impact salaries. I don't mean this directly. I mean there will be a point when either governments go all-out war on true blockchain and the ability to own cryptos and hence freedom of speech, or, individuals will gain the freedom of be able to weigh earning money from crypto versus spending an hour at work. I suppose this is why some crypto projects have already began employing crypto incentives and payment systems. Effect AI is a perfect example.

Things are going to change even more.
I wonder what would happen if all or the vast majority of people could get their income directly from the blockchain who do not need to work.
The economy of the states would be in serious trouble, taxes would be in another way, it would be a totally different world.

The idea that several people have presented, albeit discreetly, has been the idea of a government crypto. Primarily seen as a solution for taxes, it would force accurate accountability and more effective governance. Essentially, crypto would unveil what governments can do best and where they are failing.

That would be very good, that government finances are in a public blockchain, I think it would limit them very much from corruption. I'VE ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT WAS GREAT.
Thank you for your comment.

I think, it's a hard testing period for all. But it's interesting you mention about crime rate .

My country India - situation is very worst. Socio-economically really stark. Poverty and crimes of all kinds always with severe insecurity.

My take is revive the little businesses, small shops give them money till this economy improves and they get back on their feet, although it's more complex.

Very sad topic. Almost makes you think this life has lot of suffering in store and it's not worth living it, it's true. I have been wanting to tell others stop creating new humans to this world, there is lot of suffering. Ofcourse youngsters might understand, not the elders they take offense.

It's becoming a bad world to live in...anyway.

Hello @mintymile
It is indeed a somewhat complicated world, it is true.
But we can certainly benefit from this, more robust.
I'd like to see India one day.
We must endure, learn, advance and protect ourselves.

Well...right now. It's very bad actually. Political crisis...environment degradation.

You just mentioned how bad it's been in your place. Here has been so much worse. reason is capitalism and completely ignoring the farmers, workers etc.

I hope you get to see India one day...and meet good people there... you may understand there is a world of stark difference, the haves and have nots/

Crime rate is so awful... too, severe ones against women and all ...its really complicated because it's because of some culture problem. But that said, there are good people too, people who are joining up to change their world and there is hope.

I was an activist myself, involved in a citizens movement that brought a big infrastructure down...ever since then I am learning the importance of community.

That's your only safety, community, and forming schmes and campaigns to bring that change.

I am very idle now... because I am learning cryptos and writing and being with cats.

Anyway... sometimes I hate my country but I think it's because of the love I have for it and how badly things are going there. I understand I may have to work to make it better than complaining and feeling scared and living in fear.

It is a very difficult situation, I was recently reading what is expected1/3 of the world population enters poverty then that the pandemic ends, and that only in Venezuela the% of poverty rose to 96% which it's amazing. I believe that l way to combat it is educating and teaching a trade of the new era to these people, so that they can develop other skills and improve

1/3 of the population, that's alarming. Very alarming.
But if, it is true, we have to educate ourselves, I will always believe that this is the greatest tool we can have.