Building up Wealth, Completely Utilizing Cash Flow

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Money has taken over every economic sector in every country, the world is occupied greatly with the desire to make money and the cause of the mental stress we have recorded today occurs majorly as a result of the pursuit of money.


Money is one thing we just want to get at every cost irrespective of the price we have to pay and this is because there is absolutely no pride in not having money. Irrespective of how beautiful you are, money is required to help you maintain and enhance your beauty, irrespective of how knowledgeable you are, money is required to enhance your knowledge and even have people listen to your opinion in the first place.

At every point in almost every person’s life, an amount of money is being made, irrespective of if the money is little or much the way the money is handled determines if the person who owns the money is going to become wealthy or is going to remain at a poor level.

Differentiating Needs from Wants.

Normal school economics teaches us about the difference between our needs and our wants, our needs are things that we desperately desire, our needs are necessities that we greatly want to achieve and at that point, we almost cannot ignore.
Our wants on the other hand are based on mere desires, our wants are things that could be ignored without causing any trouble. The reason why so many people result to a poor level even after experiencing some level of cash flow and others go on to become wealthy people is because they are able to differentiate their needs from want.


Simple ways to build up wealth.

There are certain things we spend on that are not necessary those things are considered unnecessary expenses, our ability to realize these expenses and reduce them is a brilliant step to take in building wealth. The problem with a good number of us is that we spend as we earn and on several occasions we even have bills and debt piled up before we earn, this attitude makes it extremely difficult for us to gather wealth.

Learn to do what you love, moving up to a ladder of success when it is usually more easy when you are within the niche of what you love doing, stay away from the mentality of following the crowd as you simply stay glued to the things that make you better.

Place a relatively high focus on your talent and skill, your talent and skill goes a long way to make extra money for you and it is relevant that you make it a priority to invest correctly in your skill and talent. As that is a way to earn extra inflow of cash.
Continue to gain knowledge, so many people are ignored because as time changes fresh ideas are required and if you are not able to deliver those ideas, you will be replaced sooner than you realize.

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Money moves the world and people, I think it is something that will remain in history, but as you say having money does not make us invincible, just as we have today if we do not know how to handle it tomorrow we may not have anything.

That is basically the truth, the way we handle money today will determine if the money will stay with us for a long time or if it will disappear.

Anybody who is starting up and is able to focus on only need will accumulate wealth fast.
Also anybody who wants to get wealthy should be able to differentiate assets from needs

I love your point, thanks for the comment.

You are welcome